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Mike Evans

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Mike Evans is an award winning speaker and author, and media commentator. Today’s Leading Authority on Change, Culture, Disruption, Accountability and Optimal Performance.

Roger Blackwell

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Roger Blackwell, Ph.D., is an American marketing expert, well-recognized in his field, and an international public speaker.

Steve Beuerlein

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Steve Beuerlein is a keynote speaker, industry expert, and former football quarterback. Currently he is an NFL and college football analyst for CBS.

Dr. Bertice Berry

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Bertice B. Berry is an American sociologist, author, lecturer, and educator.

Timothy Berners-Lee

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a renowned computer scientist and the inventor of the world wide web.

George Campbell & Jim Packard

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Consistency is the new currency.
Forget “crypto”. The fortune is in consistency.

Harry Belafonte

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Harry Belefonte is a singer, songwriter, and social activist

Amanda Beard

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Mother. Wife. Motivational Speaker. Businesswoman. Author of New York Times Bestseller In the Water They Can't See You Cry. Co-Founder of Beard Swim Co.

Chris Bashinelli

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If you’re looking for a vanguard that will engage your audience and empower them to think differently about their lives and their relationships, then Bash is your speaker.

Bodine Balasco

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Bodine Balasco is a much sought-after speaker who has delivered more than 750 major presentations during his career.

Emory Austin

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Emory Austin, often described as a “pin drop” speaker, is also fun, connecting, and insightful.

Lior Arussy

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Lior Arussy is an experienced change practitioner, success accelerator, corporate culture expert, and founder of design and transformation firm, Strativity Group.

Ron Archer

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With a booming voice, a take-command stage presence, and raw emotion, Ron Archer is a spellbinding speaker and a force to be reckoned with whenever he takes the stage.

Stuart Altman

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Dr. Altman has also been recognized as a leader in the health care field by Health Affairs and by Modern Healthcare, which named him in 2006 among the 30 most influential people in health policy.

Polly Labarre

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Co-author, Mavericks at Work and Co-founder, Management Lab
Founding Writer, Fast Company

David Meerman Scott

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Internationally-Acclaimed Author of Ten Books
Real-Time Marketing & Social Sales Strategies That Work

Katty Kay

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Lead Anchor, BBC World News America
Insights on American Politics, Global Affairs and Issues for Women

Geoff Colvin

The best companies and leaders win by confronting reality faster than the competition. GEOFF COLVIN of Fortune delivers valuable insights to help them do just that.

Bill Taylor

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Entrepreneur and Innovator; Co-founder, Fast Company; Author, Simply Brilliant
An Expert on New Ways to Compete, Innovate, and Lead

Bill Walton

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Basketball Legend, Broadcaster, Humanitarian

Scott E. Adams

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Let Speaker and Consultant Scott E. Adams help your company navigate the dangerous waters of fraud and risk management.

Shawn Achor

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Shawn Achor’s talks have taken him to over 50 countries and a wide range of audiences. His research on Positive Psychology has impacted many lives.

Bill Acheson

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Bill Acheson is an expert in nonverbal communication.

Tim Sanders

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Internet Pioneer and Technology Executive
Early stage member of Mark Cuban’s
Chief Solutions Officer and Leadership Coach at Yahoo (2001-2005)

John Maxwell

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John C. Maxwell is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker who has sold more than thirty million books in fifty languages.

Cedric King

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Experienced Speaker with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry.

John McGuire

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John inspires audiences with his remarkable stories and profound insights from his life experiences.

Ian Bremmer

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Ian is a prolific thought leader and author, regularly expressing his views on political issues in public speeches, television appearances, and top publications.

Brett Williams

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Brett Williams is the keynote speaker who defies the role leadership plays in countering cyber attacks and he is the speaker who can help your company defeat the hackers.

Morgan Wright

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Morgan is an internationally recognized expert on cybersecurity strategy, cyber terrorism, and advanced technology.

Tom Morris

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Tom is one of the world's top public philosophers and pioneering business thinkers.

Anders Sörman-Nilsson

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Avant-garde ideas that expand minds and inspire a change of heart.

Jason Hewlett

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Your business is Your Promise.

Improve your leadership exponentially. Supercharge your bottom line. Create raving fans and employees.

Terry Rich

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International keynote speaker and author of the book “Dare to Dream, Dare to Act”.

Dr. David Kohl

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David Kohl, Ph.D. the AG speaker everyone wants!

Jenn Lim

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Jenn Lim is the CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness

Eric Boles

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Eric Boles through leadership and vision is coaching, training, and inspiring leaders around the world to unleash their potential and the potential of those around them.

Tim Ferriss

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Tim Ferriss is one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People” and an early-stage tech investor/advisor in Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, Duolingo, Alibaba, and 50+ other companies.

Doug Hall

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Expert Innovation; Bestselling Author of six books; CEO & Chief Inventor Brain Brew Custom Whiskey; Founder Eureka! Ranch, Inventor, Researcher, Educator, TV and Radio Host

Margie Warrell

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Global Thought Leader in Human Potential and Brave Leadership

The Jersey Tenors


The Jersey Tenors is the newest Opera/Rock Mash-up sensation that creates an explosive blend of the most iconic Opera classics
alongside the Rock ‘N Roll industry.

Susan Reilly Salgado

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Founder and Managing Partner of HQ

Ben Casnocha

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Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and Co-Author (with Reid Hoffman) of The Start-Up of You and The Alliance

Isaac Lidsky

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Gain the vision to shape your life deliberately, with awareness and accountability.

Vivek Wadhwa

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Wadhwa has held appointments at Duke University, Stanford Law School, Harvard Law School, Emory University, and Singularity University.

Leslie Reisner

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Clinical psychologist Dr. Leslie C. Reisner is widely heralded as one of the nation’s leading experts on behavioral change and stress management.

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