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Timothy Chou

Timothy is and expert on IoT, AI, cloud computing, and is the former president of Oracle On Demand. He launched the first course at Stanford University on Cloud Computing.

Fee Range: $ $20,000 - $30,000

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Timothy Chou has been lucky enough to have a career spanning academia, successful (and not so successful) startups and large corporations. He was one of only six people to ever hold the President title at Oracle. As President of Oracle On Demand he grew the cloud business from it’s very beginning.  Today he serves on the Board of Directors of Blackbaud (NASDAQ: BLKB) and Teradata (NYSE:TDC).

He started his career at one of the original Kleiner Perkins startups, Tandem Computers. He’s invested in and been a contributor to a number of other startups, some you’ve heard of like WebEx, and others you’ve never heard of but were sold to companies like Cisco and Oracle.  Recently he became the Chairman of the Alchemist Accelerator focusing on industrial IoT and has invested in a select group of young companies all focused in cloud computing, blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In 1982, Tim was asked to teach a class at Stanford University.  He taught introductory computer architecture for fifteen years and only stopped because he had to fly to Bali, do a sales kickoff and fly back in 24 hours to teach class.  Since leaving Oracle he returned to Stanford, where he launched Stanford’s first course on cloud computing. Now in its 12th year the course has featured guest lectures by nearly 100 public company CEOs. Timothy has delivered keynote speeches on all six continents and recently launched another book, Precision: Principals, Practices and Solutions for the Internet of Things. The prime minister of Vietnam has called the book a “roadmap for the future of the economy”.

Timothy Chou's Programs

Precision Planet – Internet of Things (IoT)

The World Economic Forum has said “In the next 10 years the Internet of Things revolution will dramatically alter manufacturing, energy, agriculture, transportation and other industrial sectors of the economy which, together, account for nearly two-thirds of the global GDP.”  So what is the Internet of Things?

In this talk Dr. Chou presents a five-layer framework to help business and technical people understand the current and future state of the art in IoT software.  Leaders will learn how technology will reshape enterprises that build machines and those that use machines

Dr. Chou will discuss how implementing an IoT strategy could easily double the revenues and quadruple the margins of any company that builds power, healthcare, agriculture, construction or transportation machines.  Finally, precision machines promise to reshape our planet. Developing economies around the planet have the opportunity to leapfrog current solutions and build the farms of the future, or a distributed energy grid or a next generation healthcare system.

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) – The Next Steps in Analytics

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) has had significant advances in the past couple years.  Whether it be Alexa voice recognition or Facebook facial recognition it’s happening faster than anyone predicted.  What does this mean for Enterprise Computing?  This talk will focus on the three significant changes in neural networks, deep learning and the machine learning life cycle that have enabled these amazing leaps.  Dr. Chou will show you how the next generation of enterprise analytics will be based on Artificial Intelligence and not Business Intelligence.

Next Generation Business Models

While software and hardware technology has evolved at a meteoric rate over the past three decades, the more significant changes have been driven by economics and the resulting creation of new business models.  In this talk Dr. Chou will present seven key business models and discuss how these models have completely reshaped the software industry.  As almost every business is becoming a software business, Dr. Chou will discuss by showing  how these business models might change every industry from transportation to construction.

 Cloud Computing

You can’t go thru any airport or watch any sporting event without seeing the word “cloud computing”.   Dr. Chou will explain cloud computing in a way you could describe to your Facebook friends.  He will cover six major categories starting at the network and moving up to the application layer and will focus on how cloud computing will affect every industry from financial services to retail and from agriculture to power generation.

Timothy Chou's Books