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Sylvia Baffour

Sylvia is a Speaker, Trainer and Executive Coach and has developed unique and effective emotional intelligence strategies that help foster a healthy workplace culture.

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Since the age of five, Sylvia Baffour’s dream was to be a professional tourist. That’s right, a professional tourist. Her appetite for looking at pictures and for listening to stories from friend’s and family’s holiday trips was insatiable. She read books and magazines and watched every movie she could, to get as close to an actual trip as possible. In fact, Sylvia’s mother would have a hearty belly laugh whenever she overheard Sylvia declare her dream to anyone who would listen.

Today, Sylvia has traveled far and wide, living in seven countries, speaking five languages, and visiting more than 25. Her travels opened her mind and senses. She appreciates different cultures, different perspectives, and different people. This “different” strength has made her one of the most sought-after speakers and professional development trainers for Emotional Intelligence.

With over 16 years of experience, Sylvia has developed unique and effective emotional intelligence strategies that help foster a healthy workplace culture. In her new book, I Dare You to Care, each chapter is full of stories rich with lessons and practical emotional intelligence exercises to help you achieve remarkable growth.

Sylvia was recently ranked by HubSpot as one of the Top 15 female motivational speakers in the United States. She placed among the top 18 speakers at the World Championship of Public Speaking held in Malaysia, in a contest that began with 35,000 contestants from 126 countries. She has delivered over 430 keynote presentations and training program to more than 31,000 globally.

Sylvia has accelerated success for government agencies, growing companies to Fortune 50 corporations, and non-profits around the world. Examples include American Association for the Advancement of Science, Nationwide Insurance, Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, Doctors without Borders (Canada), The World Bank, SAP and Capital One Bank to name a few.

Sylvia Baffour's Programs

Dare to Care™: How Leaders Inspire & Influence with Emotional Intelligence

Building a Healthy Culture in a Virtual World

Cultivating Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty & Change

Dare to Care™: Humanizing Diversity & Inclusion

Dare to Care™: Improving & Boosting Employee Morale from the Inside Out

Embrace & Celebrate the Passionate Administrative Professional Within

Sylvia Baffour's Books