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Scott E. Adams

Let consultant Scott E. Adams help your company navigate the dangerous waters of fraud and risk management.

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Scott Adams is well known and respected in the online business community, the card-not-present payment community, and the affiliate and Internet marketing community. He successfully combines exceptional IT skills and cutting-edge anti-fraud mechanics to solve problems and quickly improve a company’s ROI.

From childhood, Scott was an entrepreneur. He started his earliest business in 5th grade and then launched and grew an IT/Web Consulting firm in his teens that lead to doing contract work with clients such as Fleishman-Hillard, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, UPS, Nextel, and MasterCard.

In one recent position, he grew a small $5M eBook company that was losing their merchant account (chargeback rate > 7%) to a company with revenue of $25M annually and a healthy chargeback rate of 0.7%. During his decade leading that company, Scott created one of the earliest affiliate metrics tracking systems and developed his own proprietary anti-fraud software.

Most recently, Scott has been the Director of Fraud and Risk at Riot Games, an international online game company with millions of users worldwide. In his years with Riot as the first head of fraud they’d ever had, he took the company from being fined by Visa/MasterCard and near TMF to good standing in just a few months. He also traveled the world and met thousands of people who share a love of gaming and technology.

Scott is currently CEO of  FraudPVP, a company he started to address issues in payments, anti-hack, and anti-fraud, while providing merchant tools and consulting. His top clients include Epic Games, makers of the popular game Fortnite, where he is helping to drive fraud down and improve payments, customer service and other areas.

Beyond the fraud world, Scott is a trained corporate speaker, a fixed-wing and rotor-wing pilot, and a purple belt and instructor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Scott E. Adams's Programs

Level Up your Fraud Fighting: Scott’s engaging keynote draws upon experiences gained while leading one of the world’s largest video game companies out of chargeback hell, banishing cheaters and protecting game accounts. Audiences will also learn from Scott’s experience in many years of growing startups and saving merchant clients from destruction at the hands of fraudsters. Fraud/risk is often a reactionary arms race where the villains seem to have all the power-ups. Video game companies are frequently hit with new fraud schemes and technology before other verticals, so coming up with new ways to fight fraud before the fraudsters catch up is vital for ALL industries, not just gaming. Scott will share stories from the trenches and provide audiences with some creative ways to Level Up their game no matter their industry and be on top of the anti-fraud score board.

Attendees will…

• Learn about trials and tribulations of squashing fraud in Latin America, which included banning one of the top Brazilian players … while he streamed Live! Takeaway: How to Beat International Fraud

• Hear how Scott and his team detected and stopped a whole fraudulent world-wide industry consisting of hundreds of sites making millions of dollars a year, mostly via friendly fraud. Takeaway: Anti-Fraud Thought Process

• Learn about one of the most unique fraudsters Scott has encountered in his career and how the villain turned into a hero by helping Riot succeed (and what we learned in the process). Takeaway: Choosing Payment Methods + Bonus: Stop ATO

• Discover how Scott guided numerous companies on the verge of account termination to under 1% chargeback rates, including a well-known $500-million-dollar internet marketing company that went from 5% to < 1% in under 3 months!

By the end of his keynote, Scott will have given the audience an understanding of how some less popular metrics and often low tech (read: little to no engineering time needed) and creative methods can block even the most talented fraudsters, keep accounts safe and keep chargeback rates low.

Scott E. Adams's Books