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Sarah McNally

Sarah McNally is CEO of a global consulting company, an expert on purposeful leadership, personal branding, and employee and personal engagement.

Fee Range: $ $10,000 - $15,000

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Sarah McNally is the CEO of TransForm Corporation, a transformational consulting company, and a contributing author to the book: “Our Journey to Corporate Sanity.”

If you were to ask Sarah if she knew after graduating from the College of St. Benedict she would be leading an organization with clients such as Delta Air Lines, Disney and Amtrak, her answer would be….”Um no”.

If you were to ask her if the leadership experience with Disney on Ice traveling the world as a Tour Coordinator, taking time out to backpack around Australia and think about what she wanted from life, working as a project leader for a company that created business simulation games and E-learning programs for Pfeiffer Pharmaceuticals, Cargill and other major corporations, would lead to her insights and expertise of how companies build rich cultures and strong brands she would say: “The dots connect for me now.”

Sarah’s real world experiences in nurturing, leading and developing talent have been the invaluable foundation for her work in helping companies build inspired organizations and iconic brands. Sarah has learned that the driving force for being innovative, collaborative and customer-centric is clarity of purpose. She states: “Sustained growth and profitability can only be achieved when everyone in the organization is committed to building a strong brand.”

On a personal level Sarah’s #1 passion is laughing. This is clearly evident as she engages her audiences with her wonderful sense of humor. Coming a close second is her passion for connecting people to their PURPOSE. She believes that understanding your why is everyone’s super power. This is not just about how you show up at work, this is about how you show up in your LIFE! You will hear her say, “There is no such thing as work life and personal life, it’s just ONE BIG BEAUTIFUL COMPLICATED LIFE.”

Sarah is a mom to a creative, hilarious, independent daughter named Sydney. She is a wife to a creative, hilarious and musical husband named Eric. When she is not using her super powers to connect people to purpose, she is usually hanging with one of her 4 siblings eating great food and enjoying a glass of wine.

Sarah McNally's Programs

Connect to your Purpose – Unveil your Superpower!

 Gallup recently reported that only 13% of employees are engaged in their work. That leaves 87% performing below capacity!

Can you imagine a team of Superheroes where only 13% of them were truly engaged in saving humanity? Wait, didn’t someone make a movie about that?

The TRUTH is, most people WANT to be engaged. They want to believe that what they do matters. That want to contribute to something. They want to be HAPPY coming to work.

There is so much about life that is out of our control; other people, weather, and global events that happen despite our choices. But what is in our control is our depth of self awareness that contributes to how we perceive the world around us. And the foundation of that awareness is knowing your PURPOSE. It is every human being’s SUPERPOWER. Your unique contribution to the world.

What if people knew their contribution mattered? How differently would they show up?

What if leaders and teams were aligned behind a common Purpose where individual contributions were critical, and the SHARED focus accelerated performance?

In this hour presentation, Sarah takes audiences on an inner dive into connecting to their purpose and how that translates into engagement in your work and your life. Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of their “why” and how knowing their purpose will breath new life into strategic thinking and daily decision making.

It’s not about finding it.

It’s not outside of you.

It’s about CONNECTING to it.

What is your Superpower?

SEEing your Brand – Your greatest tool for Impact and Influence

 Your brand – your reputation – is the perception that exists in the mind of another. We make impressions every day through our attitudes and behaviors.

But if we are not AWARE of how we show up, how our actions are perceived, we are not harnessing our full capacity to influence. If we can’t SEE how we contribute, we are not playing our best game.

What if you could SEE yourself completely?

What if you could SEE infinite possibility in your life?

What would happen at work? On your teams? For the people you lead?

What could happen at home? With your partners? With your children?

In this hour presentation, Sarah will teach audiences about the characteristics that define a Strong Personal Brand. How are you Distinctive, how are you Relevant and how Consistently do you show up in your life? Audiences will reflect on how they want to be seen and how their actions are either building or diminishing their brand. Participants will leave will a clearer understanding of their unique contribution to the world.

Sarah McNally's Books