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Rachel Sheerin

Clients hire Rachel to charge up events with energy, emotion, and ah-ha moments that spark change. Focused on personal accountability, confidence, and helping people be their best selves.

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The world needs more successful people doing what they were born to do – and being happy while they do it. I’ve always loved to entertain, help others, and make people smile and that’s exactly why speaking on stage feels like home.

From annual conferences to sales summits, company kick-off meetings and more, I love reaching out to the crowd (in person or through the Zoom screen) and bringing them along for a ride that will have them laughing, learning, and getting charged up to crush their goals. In addition to tangible takeaways, my keynote performances show up early and often with comedy, real stories, and vulnerability that audiences connect with immediately.

As a Type-A, glass-half-full kind of soul with a background in sales leadership, I work with teams and organizations in training and keynotes centered around sales, service, and success that caters to each individual.

Digging deep into what motivates, inspires, and sustains high performers, I help high performing teams sharpen their skills and discover what motivates them to be the best, most authentic versions of themselves. Utilizing professional behavior knowledge and blending it with burnout research, I create my keynotes based in facts, science and authentic stories – with the hope that attendees can have their own personal “ah-ha” moments and bonding experiences, I love breaking down assumptions and rebuilding orgs with new awareness, strength, and unity between them.

Serving great people doing great work is where you’ll find me – I’m honored to partner with organizations, teams and leaders who share the same passion and drive for success and happiness that I have.

Rachel Sheerin's Programs

F this S: Burnout and How to Come Back to Work You Love

Burnout is the epidemic that is racing through the working world – but what can we do about it?

Mixing humor, candor, and experience, Rachel illuminates why burnout happens, what we can do to repair it in ourselves, and how to ensure we’re pursuing successes that matter most to us.

Owning Your Awesome

Grow Your Sales, Career, and Happiness with Authenticity

In the fast-paced, competitive world we live in, the greatest success comes to those who stand out for all the right reasons! Highlighting the social science and sales stats behind memorability, this keynote boosts authenticity in work, confidence, and success for audience members’ work and lives.

Superpowers for Selling

Creating Deeper Relationships That Pay Off

Using behavioral science and humor, this keynote empowers sales pros and anti-salespeople alike to come together so that their best ideas, proposals, and messages get heard by clients, customers, and each other. Audiences experience big ah-ha moments, gain new perspectives, and learn how to authentically connect for success in work and life.

Survive + Thrive

How to Manage Stress, Change, and Clients in the 24/7 Economy

We’re moving at light-speed in work and life, so how do winning teams deal with the chaos?

This keynote is built for high-performers who need to embrace constant change, prioritize team collaboration, and crush their goals. Discover ways to succeed in the busyness of business and keep it fun!

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