Remote Work in the Age of Coronavirus

Remote Work in the Age of Coronavirus


In the age of Coronavirus and our efforts to stop the spread through social distancing, many U.S. workers will be working remotely. Remote working has been in place for many companies for quite some time as the workforce has become more globalized and talent is spread out throughout the world. Now, more than ever, it is important to look at ways we can make remote work be less troublesome and actually beneficial for  us in these interesting times.

Even though we don’t see one another face to face doesn’t mean we can’t schedule regular, daily connections. Tools like Skype and GoToMeeting actually help us to see one another and therefore connect on a level that phone conversations don’t allow. Avoid impromptu meetings. People tend to feel more connected if there are scheduled meetings. Many of us rely on emails and texts, but nothing is more important than  picking up the phone and actually talking to someone. Remote work doesn’t have to be isolating.

Brahim Jaouane, a digital marketing specialist says, “one of the most important rules of remote working is to preserve team spirit, so you need to talk often with your managers and colleagues. He suggests, making an effort to say hello each morning, sharing a virtual coffee in a video conference, and always reassure people that you are available and involved at any time.

Most importantly, if you are resorting to remote work due to the health risks of the social spread of the coronavirus, reassure teammates that this is only temporary and soon they will be back together again as a team. Staying positive is critical in crisis situations. It’s not reducing the crisis, it’s reducing the fear and panic.  Just maybe, you will learn through this process that remote work can be very productive, in the long run, by incorporating a few simple measures.

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