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Phillip W. Koontz

Phillip offers unique presentations using live training videos, operational gear and personal experience to teach others how to overcome personal and professional obstacles.

Fee Range: $ < $5,000

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Phillip Koontz, former Navy SEAL of six years, takes his life lessons forged through the trials of SEAL training and currently helps others practically apply them to their personal, professional and family lives

After being honorably discharged in 2009, he has enjoyed success as a motivational speaker in business, academic, athletic and religious environments. He has spoken in hundreds of events both international and state side where he tailors his inspiring stories and lessons in the SEAL Teams to fit the occasion and audience. His most sought after talks include: Overcoming Adversity: A Navy SEAL’s Advice on Facing Life’s Many Challenges, Prepared For The Unknown: 3 Practical Lessons From a Navy SEAL That Will Give You Peace Of Mind, Living Free and Fearless: Self-defense Course for Everyday Situations, and Three Dimensional Leadership: Learning to Lead in All Environments and Circumstances.

Phillip’s acclaimed book: The Truth Behind My Trident gives a snapshot of a day in the life of a Navy SEAL as he pulls back the curtain, revealing the behind the scenes culture of this elite group. Given our cultural esteem for SEALs, it would be a rare chance to meet Phillip and hear about his powerful experiences. His use of live videos, personal operational gear and powerful stories will instantly capture your interest and will surely be remembered for years to come.


Phillip is a Life and Business Coach, holds webinars and mentors Special Forces candidates in his spare time. He also volunteers with the Anti-Trafficking Bureau, a nonprofit organization which rescues, restores and protects children trapped in the sexual exploitation industry in the Dominican Republic.

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 Overcoming Adversity –A Navy SEAL’s Advice on Facing Life’s Many Challenges.

 Prepared For The Unknown –3 Practical Lessons From a Navy SEAL That Will Give You Peace Of Mind.

 Living Free and Fearless – Self-defense training for everyday scenarios

 Three-dimensional Leadership – Learning to Lead in ALL Environments and Circumstances

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 Conflict resolution

 Building mental toughness

 Perseverance and determination

 Work ethic


 Leadership principles

 Establishing a clear focus on priorities and goals

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