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Phillip Van Hooser

Phil Van Hooser helps companies Improve productivity & profits through engaged leadership with common sense strategies and time-tested solutions.

Fee Range: $ $7,500 - $10,000

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As a trusted advisor to major U.S. companies and organizations and an award-winning keynote speaker, Phillip Van Hooser has one driving mission. Ensure leaders are equipped and ready for the opportunities and challenges that undoubtedly await them.

For 30+ years, Phil has been showing business owners, entrepreneurs and company leaders how to plan, communicate and execute their responsibilities — especially in challenging situations — while engaging and empowering the people they lead.

From the relatable, relevant illustrations and commonsense practices Phil uses, thousands of leaders in hundreds of organizations have uncovered the real meaning of engaged leadership. And in the process, they have discovered an arsenal of skills enabling them to rise up and effectively navigate even uncharted circumstances.

A Hall of Fame speaker, leadership trainer and business writer, Phil lays out a clear success plan in multiple books, including We Need to Talk: Building Trust When Communicating Gets Critical and Leaders Ought to Know. A Certified Speaking Professional and member of the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, Phil is past president of the National Speakers Association, and is a recipient of the Cavett Award, NSA’s highest honor.

Phillip Van Hooser's Programs

Too Busy for Details: Stories & Strategies to Solidify Leadership Connection [Leadership & Communication]

It’s not hard to imagine, most of us have seen it: a disconnected leader trying desperately to make big things happen yet completely out of touch with their people — the very people they rely on to get it done. In the rush of business demands, it’s easy to neglect some details. But leadership connection should never be one of them. Every business relationship rests on a connection. How well you solidify those connections directly impacts your influence and success. From relatable, real-life, and sometimes, raw stories of “what to do and not do,” discover how impactful leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, and successful, everyday people strengthen their connection and leadership impact. When these commonsense strategies are applied, business owners, managers, and leaders at any level understand: • Why their people want authentic connections and how to establish them • How active listening and honest communication build greater respect, trust, and relationships • The all-too-common “sins” which destroy leadership influence • The commandments impactful leaders habitually practice The keynote is a good fit for: • Leaders, managers, emerging leaders, and high potential team members • Teams preparing for succession or culture change. • Any group working toward greater team engagement and trust.

Lay Your Hand on It: Choices to Prove You’re a Pro [Service & Professionalism]

Everyday we make choices in our professional lives which say one of two things about us. Our choices either prove, “I am a professional,” or “I think I’m good enough to get by.” The “good enough” mentality is expensive to individuals and organizations. It can deplete money and market share. But the potential damage a careless mindset inflicts on professional reputation can be disastrous. And once damaged, influence and image are hard to restore. When business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, and team members apply these solid commitments and service practices in their work life, they will discover: • Habits to consistently look exceptional • Choices which get you a second look • Decisions which build integrity, trust, and loyalty • Attitudes for solving problems and overcoming setbacks This keynote is a good fit for: • Business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, and team members • New managers, emerging leaders, and high potentials transitioning to leadership • Sales or customer service teams

Don’t Hold Your Breath: Keys to Lead Change & Transition [Change, Transition, Transformation]

We know it — change is inevitable and never-ending, an all-encompassing reality that doesn’t go away. For those leading the charge, future success rides on a sound approach to embrace the changes, guide the transition, and energize the team. This is a realistic look at successfully managing change. It is drawn from Phil’s professional experiences spanning four decades of work with hundreds of organizations, large and small. And thousands of business owners, leaders, and managers – some prepared, some struggling – during extended periods of change, transition and transformation – including his own! Discover the real world lessons for successful change, transition, and transformation including: • The characteristics of change you can count on • 4 truths impacting change for you and your people • The relationship between change and transition • Key steps to successfully lead change This keynote is a good fit for: • Leaders, managers, or anyone charged with guiding people through change • All staff levels facing change and transition

It’s Your Call: Tools & Rules for Big League Decision Making [Decision Making]

Business professionals don’t generally intend to make poor decisions. However, entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, and managers do struggle with decision making for one primary reason – they’ve never be taught a solid process for smart decision making. It’s Your Call: Tools & Rules for Big League Decision Making will reveal how to take the lead in making smart decisions. Drawn from Phil’s training at Wendelstedt’s Professional Umpire School, you will: • Discover the necessary – but seldom taught — tools for decision making • Get tips for avoiding “heat of the moment,” disastrous decisions • Assess your understanding of the written — and unwritten — rules for smart decisions • Learn a step-by-step process for making better decisions • Understand the factors affecting how and when to make “the call” This keynote is a good fit for: • Business owners, entrepreneurs, and business professionals at all organizational levels • New managers, emerging leaders, and high potentials transitioning into leadership roles • Leaders and managers in safety or security roles • Decision makers at all organizational levels

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