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Peterson Farm Brothers

Hilarious YouTube stars, The Peterson Brothers share their passion for the farming with audiences of all sizes. Your conference or meeting will be a huge success with these guys as keynotes.

Fee Range: $ < $5,000

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The Peterson Farm Brothers are three brothers from central Kansas who create social media content to promote agriculture. Their online videos have received over 130 million combined views and they have over 600,000 followers on social media. The brothers grew up and still work on a family farm near Assaria, KS. All 3 brothers attended Kansas State University. Greg graduated in 2013, majoring in Agricultural Communications and Journalism. Nathan graduated in 2016, majoring in Agriculture Technology Management. Kendal graduated in 2018, majoring in Agribusiness. Due to their online success, the brothers have had many opportunities to promote agriculture around the world. Their goal is still to operate the family farm together, but hope to make a positive impact with their social media content.



Greg Peterson is a 2013 graduate of Kansas State University where he majored in Agricultural Communications and Journalism and minored in Music Performance. He grew up and still works on a family farm near Assaria, KS. In 2012, Greg founded the “Peterson Farm Brothers” with his siblings. The videos that have resulted have reached over 130 million people in 8 years and have led to an increased role in agricultural advocacy for Greg. He has now given over 300 speaking presentations in 40 states and 8 countries and is passionate about the future of the agricultural industry.

Peterson Farm Brothers's Programs

Peterson Farm Brothers: Telling the Story About Ag

Join the Peterson Farm Brothers (or just Greg Peterson) for a program that’s entertaining, inspirational, educational, and motivational for people of all ages and all backgrounds. The program includes how we got started making videos, where all they’ve taken us, the power of communicating through social media, and the lessons we’ve learned in advocating for agriculture online. They will perform several of their parody music videos throughout the presentation and will be more than happy to stick around afterward for pictures, autographs, and conversations with attendees.

Length: 45 minutes – 1 Hour plus possible Q&A time

Peterson Farm Brothers Behind the Scenes Workshop

Join the Peterson Farm Brothers (or just Greg) as they explain what all goes into their social media production. From behind the scenes of making videos to explaining how they decide what, when, where, and how to post content, the brothers will try to address all of your questions about how they are able to do what they do. They will also share tips of how to foster conversations and respond to negative comments.

Length: 45 minutes

*Most often booked in conjunction with previous presentation “An Agvocating Success Story”

Celebrating the Diversity of Agriculture

(Greg only)

This presentation is an expanded version of the TEDx Talk Greg gave in 2016. It will cover the knowledge and perspectives he has gained from traveling around the world getting to tour farms of all different types. Greg will talk to the audience about why it is important that those of us in agriculture support one another and embrace different forms of farming, such as conventional and organic, but also demand truth and credibility in the marketing, education, and understanding of different technology used in agriculture.

Length: 45 minutes (Will include 2-3 music videos to entertain)

Millennial Perspectives in Agriculture

(Greg Only)

Greg will share his experience of being a young farmer in America and the things he believes his generation brings to the table and cares about. He’ll relate diversity, public perspectives, consumer misconceptions, customer sensitivities, and the value of your company or industry choosing to be real and authentic. Greg will share his unique perspective about the power of social media and the influence that has on what your customers think, do and say.

Length: 45 minutes (Can also include 2-3 music videos to entertain)

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