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Patrick Sweeney

Patrick Sweeney is a full-time adventurer on a mission to help people around the world find an adventurer within each of them as well as learn to use fear as fuel.

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Patrick Sweeney is and Entrepreneur, Fear Guru, and Adventurer with a humble history.

Patrick Sweeney is an entrepreneur, angel investor and world-record holder. He comes from the blue-collar suburbs of Boston and paid his way through state school, where he discovered rowing. He finished 2nd in the Olympic trials and earned a Top 5 MBA near the top of his class where he caught the entrepreneurial bug. He started three technology companies, sold them for millions and left it all behind after battling a rare form of leukemia. He is an active angel investor in over 30 companies and board member for Young President’s Organization (YPO) Entertainment Industry Network, and Trinity College Dublin.

Patrick took 30 years to learn how to use fear as fuel – now he has a framework to teach anyone how to achieve the life of their dreams. His mission now is to help people use fear to transform their lives and organizations. After interviewing the world’s top neuroscientists, neurobiologists and psychologists, he has unlocked the secrets of fear and peak performance. His goal is to create world peace.

Patrick has learned from his own experience and countless interviews for his upcoming book that fear is the most powerful force that we have to change our lives. Patrick’s goal is to inspire audiences around the world to use fuel as their friend and help drive world peace.

Patrick Sweeney's Programs

The Surprising Power of Fear

This is Patrick’s award-winning keynote that Google’s European Headquarters called the best of 2017. Patrick covers the surprising ability to use the brain’s autonomic reactions as power and what the newest neuroscience on fear means for peak performance.

Building A Culture of Courage

Combine a three-time entrepreneur with a neuroscience expert whose superpower is courage and you get a unique insight into creating a culture of courage. It is exactly what companies need to drive innovation, creativity and growth. Audiences will learn how to catalyze their organization into not only the dominant player in their field but also a fulfilling, rewarding and exciting place to work.

Start-up me – running your life and career like an entrepreneur

Patrick goes back to his roots as an entrepreneur and angel investor and reveals the top five principles anyone can adopt to create successful companies, personal lives and careers.

Breaking the Rules in Life and Business

What if you knew which rules were holding you back and how to break them? Think of how your life would change if you had no ceiling on what you can accomplish. Patrick gives the principles that helped three of his companies dominate their field and crush the competition.

Patrick Sweeney's Books