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Nikki Greenberg

Nikki is a futurist and thought leader on the real estate industry. Focusing on innovation, Nikki brings big-picture strategic thinking to the full real estate lifecycle.

Fee Range: $ $10,000 - $15,000

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With a focus on innovation, Nikki brings big-picture strategic thinking to the full real estate lifecycle and technology’s place within it. Having worked on the design and development of mixed-use communities, shopping centers and luxury residential projects, Nikki’s deep expertise truly spans the breadth of the real estate industry.

In New York, Nikki worked with leading luxury brokerages Brown Harris Stevens and Halstead as Director of Innovation and Marketing. As an innovator, Nikki has run numerous successful pilots including Resident and Blingby. Her extensive real estate client list includes Lendlease, CapitaLands, Silverstein, Greenland, Stockland, Payce and others.

​Having lived and worked in USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa in addition to teaching Cross-Cultural Communication at the Australian Business School, Nikki brings a truly global focus. She is the recipient of numerous accolades including Top 25 CRE Innovator (2021), Top 100 Real Estate Exec (2020), MIPIM Global PropTech Awards Finalist (2019), and UK PropTech Awards Finalist (2019).

Nikki is an alumnus of the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia where she attained with honors a Bachelors and Masters of Architecture, and Masters of International Business with a focus on China from the Australian School of Business.

She currently resides in New York.

Nikki Greenberg's Programs


An entertaining, tongue-in-cheek yet highly informative keynote on the role of service robots, PropTech & automations within real estate. The keynote looks at a history of innovation in the built environment drawing from case studies such as Archigram’s Cities Walking, as well as reflecting on predictions from the popular futuristic cartoon series The Jetsons. The audience is encouraged to interact with one another to discuss and explore what the future that we image might be like.

Topics: Innovation, disruption, real estate, robotics, futurism, sustainability, humanitarianism, architecture. Key terminology from tech, robotics and VC. PropTech to enhance operations and UX. The tech-enabled future for CRE.


In 2019, Gen-Z (born 1996-2010) became the largest population group globally. As the first generation to not know a world without the internet, the way that they interact with the world is unique in that they blur the boundary between digital and in-person realities. Gen-Z view products as services and expect a personalized experience from brands. They also turn to social media to search for information and trust reviews over advertising. A New Reality for Realty, explores how Gen-Z’s attitudes and expectations are disrupting the way that real estate is designed and operated, to ensure that what is delivered today will meet the needs of tomorrow.

Topics: Generational change, social media, new technologies, drones, IoT, co-working, co-living, gamification, virtual reality, robots Learnings: Complimenting physical and digital experiences. Meeting values of Gen-Z. Do’s and don’t for tech adoption


A decade of innovation has been condensed into a matter of weeks as companies implemented new systems in response to Covid-19. The real estate industry has been shaken-up, with the places in which we work, live, shop, dine and play needing a complete rethink. While the new reality for realty now starting to take shape, there is an incredible opportunity to rebuild with technology, innovation, empathy and sustainable development principals to guide the way that developments are designed, transacted, operated and occupied. How do you design for the future and operate in an environment with so many unknowns? How do you identify areas for growth and prosperity? How do you adapt assets to the new realty without degrading their core function? What does design for flexibility look like? How do you rebuild responsibly to create a lasting legacy?

Topics: Rebuilding the industry, COVID-19, CRE, robotics, IoT, future, residential, retail, innovation, realtor, social media, PropTech Learning: Apply designing thinking to assess your traditional operations. How to focus on a long term outlook in an uncertain environment. International case studies. Design for flexibility of use. How to capitalize on disruption to breed innovation.


The workplace is evolving. It is no longer a fixed location of workstations, meeting rooms and private offices. Instead, today’s workplace is about both bricks and bytes, where the physical space has converged with cyberspace. During her energetic keynote presentation, Nikki will present her original insights on what workplace means today, in the Age of the Cloud. She will challenge the audience to question the rationale of traditional 9-5 work policies that precede the internet, and present the approach to hybrid-work being taken by future-forward technology companies across the globe to engage digital native Gen-Z and Millennial employees. And most importantly, Nikki will challenge leaders to be bold enough to take steps to challenge the status-quo, and create the conditions for their employees to do their best work.

Topics: Future of Work, Office, transit-oriented development, social media, PropTech, COVID-19, future workplace, innovation, IoT, realtor Learnings: Global case studies on flexible office, transit-oriented developments, and digital workplace. How to rethink and adapt the use of existing assets. Building a lasting legacy. Remote-work do’s and don’ts

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