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Najam Usmani has had an illustrious 24-year corporate and entrepreneurial career. He has inspired exponential growth by setting new productivity goals, motivating teams to achieve more with less.

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Najam Usmani is perfectly cast in the role of a “leader extraordinaire.” In an illustrious 24-year corporate and entrepreneurial career, he managed combined assets and revenues of more than $100 million. As many as 2700 employees would attest to his influential style as he hired, trained and launched their careers. He has inspired exponential growth in every position he has held by motivating teams to achieve more with less setting new productivity records. He was the top franchisee for the nation’s 2nd largest tax service in North Carolina and successfully processed over $650 million refund checks for US Department of Treasury and State agencies.

Always setting up new, personal challenges, he took up real estate business and grew it by 400%, by completing over 40 real estate construction projects in less than 3 years. He was among the first 500 MCSE (Microsoft Engineer) in the world recognized by Mr. Bill Gates. He is no stranger to media, and has been featured in numerous TV interviews and news stories.

Public speaking is his passion and forte; he has motivated managers, entrepreneurs, politicians, employees, community leaders, and religious leaders alike. He has displayed extensive and relatable knowledge in conflict resolution, employee relations, soft skills, business etiquettes, networking, and relationship building.

Drawing on his interpersonal and communication skills, he held successful fundraisers for community and political events including mayoral, governors, US senators, and presidential candidates. He is chosen as a member of RNC 2020 host committee in Charlotte, NC. He hosted delegations from China, Dubai, Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, France, and Australia. He was a key member of the Mayoral delegation in 2016 that visited China to improve trade relations.

His philanthropic causes include ‘The Champ Camp,’ for which he received the MICA (mayoral international community award) for global leadership. He was invited as the honorable guest speaker at his Alma Mater’s student union 50th anniversary. He serves as a board of advisors for Steve Smith foundation, supports over 20 different local and international community service organization. He is a member of the Consular Corps College, and the World Affairs Council. His motto is, “Our legacy is always ahead, not behind us,” and he this is how he approaches every day of his life.

Najam Usmani's Programs

Leadership Mindset

The mind is powerful!  Through grit and resilience, openness to transformation and developing and retaining great talent, leaders can affect change and create a dynamic workplace and a successful businesses. Najam shows the audience how to alter the mindset no matter what situation in which you find yourself.

Culture is Everything!

Innovative businesses know that client experience as well as employee experience are critical to success. Achieving a great culture takes teamwork, effective time management, disruption of the status quo, and learning to make powerful connections. Najam shares how to accomplish a great organizational culture.

Closing the Deal

The art of closing the deal takes an effective sales process and excellent sales techniques and strategies. Learn how to use the power of silence and other great tools to close those deals faster.

Najam Usmani's Books