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Lisa Orrell

A renowned speaker and award-winning author, Lisa inspires people from all generations to better understand themselves and others as a way to create more positive and productive workplaces.

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As a renowned speaker and award-winning author, Lisa’s passion is to inspire people, from all generations, to better understand themselves and others to create a more positive & productive workplace. And her dynamic presentations focus on edu-tainment…Lisa loads them with tons of useful info, humor, wit, and high-energy!

Lisa Orrell, CPC, is globally recognized as “The Personal Development Pro”…and she’sNOT just anotherKeynote Speaker, Award-Winning Author, Trainer, Certified Leadership Coach, and Thought Leader. Her fun, unique and engaging style set her apart! As a result, she is in-demand by organizations to inspire their employees, of all generations, to better understand themselves and others to create a more positive and productiveworkforce.

Her four popular books on Amazon include: Millennials Incorporated; Millennials into Leadership; and Boomers into Business. Her fourth book, Your Employee Brand is in Your Hands, was named a finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s Annual Book Awards competition (in the highly competitive Leadership books category). And Lisa’s books are often ordered in bulk by organizations to use in their Employee Learning & Development training programs.

As a respected expert and speaker, Lisa’s client list includes many well-known corporations and professional associations, including: Salesforce, Wyndham, Pfizer, eBay, Wells Fargo, Johnson & Johnson, Grant Thornton, Oracle, Juniper Networks, Pepsi, Chico’s, Applied Materials, ERA Real Estate, Paul Mitchell, Cisco, PayPal, USC, Blue Cross/BlueShield, State University of New York, SHRM, PBWC, NCHRA, National Diversity Council, and Lisa was even hired by the Government of Brunei to speak IN Brunei!

Aside from her fun, candid, motivating, and engaging presentation style, audiences benefit from Lisa’s interesting, useful content and fresh perspectives.

She offers a variety of popular keynotes and workshops that: Improve generational and (other) diversity dynamics at work; educate Leadership Teams on workforce trends; improve the recruitment, management and retention of Millennial (aka: Gen Y) Talent; and that educate Millennial employees and college students on how to be effective young leaders in the workforce. She also conducts Personal Branding keynotes and workshops for employees to support their career growth and leadership development, with audiences often ranging in career- levels and ages from 21 – 60+ years old.

In addition to being a speaker and author, Lisa is a Certified Leadership & Life Coach who works with individual employees and/or employee groups. She received her Leadership Coach certification through an intensive training program accredited by the International Coach Federation.

Prior to her current career, Lisa owned a full-service Marketing Agency in the San Francisco Bay Area for 20 years. Her company received over 75 national and international awards for Marketing & Branding excellence, and in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 AND 2018 she was voted one of the “Most Influential Branding Gurus in the World” by over 22,000 industry professionals (each year). Lisa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising with a Minor in Marketing from San Jose State University.

Based on her topic expertise and notoriety, Lisa has been interviewed by, or written articles for, countless media and research firms, including (partial list): ABC, NPR, MSNBC, CBS, The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, Human Resource Executive, The Business Journals (throughout the U.S.), Recruitment & Retention, Universum’s Trainee Guides for Norway, Sweden and Denmark, China’s HerWorldMagazine, Diversity Business,,,, and

“The feedback is off-the-charts from the attendees at our Salesforce Leadership Summit! They loved you. Some of them are going to see about having you speak for our entire Chicago office. You crushed it! Our Millennials in management especially loved it!”

  • VP of Solutions Engineering @ Salesforce (and Committee Member for their Annual Leadership Summit in San Francisco)


  • Wyndham Corporation hired Lisa as the Keynote Speaker for their Annual Management Meeting held in Las Vegas.
  • Salesforce booked Lisa to be their featured Keynote Speaker at their Annual Executive Leadership Summit in San Francisco.
  • Johnson & Johnson in NJ booked Lisa as their Keynote Speaker to conduct her “Improving Communications across the Generations” presentation for an All Hands
  • Pfizer booked Lisa as their Keynote Speaker for their Annual Leadership Sales Meeting held in Park City, UT. Her speech topic: “Get a Grip on GenY”.
  • Keynote Speaker for global org, ASIS International’s, Annual “Women in Security” Conference, hosted at Oracle’s HQ. Lisa’s keynote: “Your Employee Brand is in Your Hands”.
  • Keynote Speaker at the Annual PCCA Conference held in the Dominican Republic
  • Keynote Speaker at the NCHealthCareFacilities Annual Conference; over 600 people attended her opening Keynote.  And attendees rated her speech as “above excellent”!
  • eBay has booked Lisa over 25 times to conduct her “Your Employee Brand is in Your Hands” Workshop for employee groups in Silicon Valley.
  • Maxim Integrated hired Lisa to conduct her popular “Your Employee Brand is in Your Hands” Workshop for over 100
  • Lisa hired by Juniper Networks to conduct her “Get a Grip on Gen Y” Workshop for Sr. Managers & Executives and her “Millennials into Leadership” Program for Millennial employees.
  • Lisa hired twice to Keynote for Advancing Women Executives luncheons in SF and Silicon

          Previous speakers for AWE include Gloria Steinem.

  • Applied Materials has hired Lisa to speak at many corporate events, including being their Keynote Speaker at THREE of their Annual Diversity Day
  • Watermark’s Lead On Leadership Conference for Women invited Lisa to speak at their prestigious annual event in Santa Clara, CA. Hillary Clinton was the featured keynote and the estimated attendance was 7,500 professional
  • The Government of Brunei hired Lisa as a featured speaker to conduct her Personal Branding Workshop at their “Millennial Women’s Leadership Conference” (in Brunei). 300+Millennials from public & private sector companies attended the event.
  • The Professional Business Women of California Annual Conference booked Lisa as the featured speaker; keynotes were Madeleine Albright & Cokie Roberts. The event theme was “Across the Generations”. 800+ attended Lisa’s break out session on generational dynamics in the workforce. Lisa was then booked for their future
  • APPROVED VENDOR FOR Johnson & Johnson (2010 to present): Lisa regularly conducts different keynotes & workshops for a variety of their special events, employee groups, and J & J Divisions throughout the U.S. and
  • APPROVED VENDOR FOR Wells Fargo (2010 to present): Lisa is hired to conduct presentations on an on-going basis at different WF corporate Examples of presentations include: “Millennial Prep for Success Boot Camp”; “Get a Grip on Gen Y”; and “Your Employee Brand is in Your Hands” Workshop.
  • APPROVED VENDOR FOR Pfizer (2017 to present):  Lisa hired to be the Keynote at the Annual Leadership Sales Meeting & is now an approved vendor to work with other Pfizer


Lisa has been a featured keynote speaker at our Annual Summits FOUR times and she always delivers! When she discussed Personal Branding this year at our Leadership Summit the audience of 400+ people when nuts. They’re still talking about her presentation and how valuable it was. Lisa is truly one of our favorite speakers and we consider her to be a member of our big Paul Mitchell family!

  • Paul Mitchell Schools International Motivational Speaker & Author of: “Be Nice (OrElse!)”

I’ve been responsible for hiring MANY speakers and trainers over the years, and it’s rare that we hire them repeatedly. But Lisa is an exception! We fly her in a lot as a keynote to kick off various events we do, as well as for conducting training workshops. Plus, I’ve passed her name to divisions all over J & J and they all rave about her, too! She is personable, hilarious, and witty, plus her content is always SO informative and useful.

  • Colleen M. Jones: V.P. of Operations, The Vision Care Institute, Johnson &Johnson

I am attaching a letter of request to invite you to speak at the Professional Business Women of California Conference in Sacramento. You were one of the most memorable and motivating speakers at PBWC’s San Francisco Conference this year (attendance was over 6000!) and we would like you to please consider speaking in Sacramento. You really were awesome!

  • Cathy Dangler: Associate Producer of the Annual Professional Business Women of California Conferences (Sacramento & SanFrancisco)

“Lisa Orrell ROCKED! Every college student, and employees from ANY generation should be required to attend her ‘Personal Branding’ presentations!”

  • CassieSerene,CollegeStudentWhoAttendedLisa’sPresentationatBlackHillsUniversity(and then posted this unsolicited comment on Facebook)

Being able to present via webinar is NOT easy. But Lisa has such enthusiasm and energy that she is a natural at it. I recently told her that she’s one of the best webinar presenters we work with, and her interesting topics attract some of the biggest registration numbers we get…which is why we invite her to conduct them for our Employer Member Database often!

  • Lisa M. Davis: Senior Research Analyst atcom

Lisa Orrell's Programs


Each one is available in a keynote format OR a deeper-dive, longer session!

BRANDED! YOUR EMPLOYEE BRAND IS IN YOUR OWN HANDS: eBay has hired Lisa to conduct this over 25 TIMES! WHO’S WHO IN THE ZOO? IMPROVING COMMUNICATIONS ACROSS THE GENERATIONS: This is a highly informative (yet, fun!) presentation that Lisa is booked for often because it is ideal for a multigenerational audience!

INVADED! THE INVASION OF GEN Z HAS STARTED…ARE YOU READY?: Gen Z is entering the workforce and companies are making the mistake of thinking they are like Millennials…BUT Gen Z is totally different…AND bigger! How can you effectively recruit, manage and retain them?

GET A GRIP! EFFECTIVELY HANDLE MANAGING & RETAINING MILLENNIALS: For Executives who need to better understand their Millennial employees.

TAME TOXIC! IMPROVE YOUR WORKPLACE BY IMPROVING YOURSELF: Toxic & dysfunctional workplaces are rampant, causing an increased turnover and decreased productivity. This topic is ideal for employees at ALL levels to help improve team-building and company culture!


THE MILLENNIAL GET A GRIP ON LEADERSHIP PROGRAM: For Millennial employees who are entering, or currently in, a leadership role within your company.

THE GEN X-TREME LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: For mid-to-senior level Managers, who are “older” than the Millennials and could benefit from a deeper-dive into effective leadership skills and management styles…and who could also benefit from better understanding their younger (aka: Gen Z & Millennial) co-workers and employees.

YOUR EMPLOYEE BRAND IS IN YOUR HANDS LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: An expanded version of Lisa’s popular workshop and keynote on this topic for improving leadership skills, self-awareness, and personal accountability.

THE EMBRACING THE COACH APPROACH FOR LEADERSHIP SUCCESS PROGRAM: This game-changing program is for Managers, at any level, in any department, to teach them how to incorporate coaching skills into their management style to make them more successful leaders.

Lisa Orrell's Books