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Kevin Freiberg

Impacting leadership, innovation, and culture is eloquently covered by Kevin Freiberg.

Fee Range: $ $15,000 - $20,000

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Leadership, Innovation and Culture will be impacted with Kevin.

Kevin Freiberg's Programs

customization–a radical point of differentiation

The video clips and speech topics below represent Kevin’s wheelhouse, but he keeps changing, evolving and growing to stay relevant. Kevin’s content also evolves because of his diligence in getting to know your industry, your business and your objectives.

No one tailors a talk like he does.

“it was like he was talking to us, he knew our company”


Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers is one of the largest and most successful fire sprinkler contractors in the nation. Wayne’s president, Clark Gey, invited Kevin to address his senior leadership team.

Kevin challenged Clark’s leaders to think about the heroic nature of their work and the cause they fight for. The team came up with a clever, compelling brand statement that has “wowed” customers and became the envy of Wayne’s competitors.

“it was remarkable how he tied everything together!”

BMC Software is one of the largest and most successful makers of mainframe computer applications in the world. BMC’s global salesforce is making a huge shift,selling to a new, higher level customer who is concered about strategic business issues–digital transformation, transparency, AI, compliance, security and disruption.

Here, Michael Beavers, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Customer Success discusses how Kevin is helping them through this transformation.

“he got them excited and energized about this change!”

The global salesforce at BMC Software is going through a dramatic transition. The new focus is on a c-suite buyer who is ultra-concerned about handing the sheer VOLUME, VARIETY and VELOCITY of data flooding into and out of their businesses.

Bill Miller, President of ZSolution Optimization at BMC Software invited Kevin to participate in BMC’s four-day Sales Kick-off Meetng. Kevin showed this internal group what it would look like if they were truly hungry for change and how they could mange the uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure that comes with this transformation.

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