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Katara McCarty

Katara is founder and CEO of Katara Enterprises. She is an organizational coach, public speaker, author, and vlogger. Her vision: "Creating a world where women and girls fiercely thrive."

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Katara McCarty is an organizational coach, speaker, entrepreneur and author. She is a fierce woman driven by a passion that is exuded in everything she does and contagious to those around her.

For 25 years, Katara has led women of all ages in both non-profit and for-profit sectors of business. She became an entrepreneur when she was just 22 years old. In 2000, Katara partnered with her husband to open God’s House, a non-profit organization, in Marion, Indiana, where she served as an executive and co-pastor, leading several large initiatives. During her 16 years at God’s House, Katara helped grow the congregation from 40 members to more than 600 members while simultaneously founding and leading the development of God’s House and Ceelelo School in Zambia, Africa.

Following her achievements in Zambia, Katara co-founded and directed The Center for Success, a community center for at-risk children in Marion, Indiana, which has since expanded into Detroit and Pontiac, Michigan.

Katara’s non-profit work created an opportunity for her to branch into the corporate world. From 2016-2018, she served as the director of culture for Carmel, Indiana-based TCC, the nation’s largest Verizon Authorized Wireless Retailer. She led all of TCC’s cultural initiatives for over 3,000 employees at 1,200 store locations across 43 states.

Amid her professional and philanthropic work, Katara has raised two daughters, become a professional coach, mentor to women of all ages, and author of “Pretty Girl,” a book that teaches girls what pretty really means.

Led by passion and inspired by the strength of women, Katara left the corporate world to live and execute her “Why” through public speaking, coaching and writing. She currently works with companies and individuals to look for opportunities where they can improve their cultures and enable women to grow, advance, thrive and succeed.

Through her Fierce Movement, Katara hosts quarterly local chapter meetings as well as an annual conference that brings hundreds of women together from across the country to create places, spaces and communities for women to cultivate their own unique power.


Katara’s reason for doing what she does, her purpose, her passion and her belief is to create cultures where women and girls can fiercely thrive. Her work as an organizational coach has maximized many organizations’ strategic intent to not only welcome diversity, but to champion strategies that ensure their goals are realized.

Katara McCarty's Programs


“How to Cultivate a Work Culture Where Women Thrive and Succeed”

Topic Overview

Every organization and company has its own culture—a collective conscious and subconscious. Culture has its own values, beliefs, behaviors, language and rules.

Socially we have been progressing in our collective conscious for women’s equality. That collective conscious is now moving into our workplaces, which is challenging workplace norms. It can be uncomfortable to navigate this shift, but change is happening and we must learn to cultivate it. If organizations stay stagnant and refuse to mold with the culture, they may lose relevance with stakeholders.

We must take it upon ourselves to ask questions that cultivate a new conversation that can help rewrite old stories. Masculinity and femininity are simply stories. Men and women are both told from a young age what it is like to be a “man” or a “woman.” If we are going to participate in cultivating a culture where women can thrive and succeed, we must shift the narrative from being sympathetic of others situations to being empathetic.

What You’ll Learn

  1. How to identify allies, advocates and amplifiers within the organization—or become one
  2. The importance of moving beyond sympathy to offer empathy towards others
  3. How to get equipped to reframe old stories about femininity and masculinity


“How Women Can Amplify Their Voice in a Male Dominated Workplace”

Topic Overview

It’s often assumed women need to do the following to be successful in a workplace environment:

  • Be more confident
  • Speak up and out
  • Be willing to network
  • Cultivate relationships
  • Be willing to accept credit for their work

These assumptions are superficial and not the root cause of the issue. The root cause of the issue is that as a society, was have been fed certain stereotypes of femininity and masculinity. These stories, social norms and culture conditioning, have been set into the fiber of our reality, especially in the workplace. We are in a time where these norms are being challenged and changing, but we still have some work to do.

What You’ll Learn

  • The importance of having empathy over sympathy.
  • Understand the importance of listening to your intuition.
  • Discover how find your allies, advocates and amplifiers.


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