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Award-winning speaker • International #1 bestselling author • Leading expert and advisor in the areas of hiring, sales, peak performance, employee engagement, and adult learning.

Fee Range: $ $10,000 - $15,000

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John Pyke is an award-winning speaker, #1 international, bestselling author and a leading expert and advisor in the areas of hiring, sales, peak performance, employee engagement and adult learning. His work has been featured by over 200 media outlets including FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC for unprecedented sales growth and eliminating costly turnover. Fifty percent of John’s real estate clients are in the Top 250 as ranked by The Wall Street Journal Real Trends. The other fifty percent are confidently on their way there.

John has helped assess, coach and hire over a quarter of a million people. He assists with eliminating the costly, frustrating guesswork associated with hiring and replaces it with certainty by using time-tested, scientifically proven processes and tools. Utilizing science and statistics, John has consistently quadrupled the hiring success of his clients. In addition, John provides a replacement guarantee that is 4X the industry standard (a one-year, unconditional, replacement guarantee).

John is one of the world’s leading experts on hiring and sales and frequently delivers keynotes on the subjects: “Hire Fast Fire Fast – How Scientific Breakthroughs Eliminate Costly Hiring Mistakes” and “How to Sell Faster, Easier and Close More by Pushing the Buy Button in the Brain.” John’s personal sales performance averaged 3X his quota in his first year at five different organizations including selling more in the history of the company at two prominent sales training firms.

John’s MBA thesis was studying Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Motivational Factors Impacting Employee Performance. He has been studying and researching human capital and peak performance for more than 30 years. John is married and has three children.

Since nothing is truly real until it is experienced personally, you are invited to test drive the power of these solutions firsthand.

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John Pyke, “The Talent Genius,” is a dynamic and entertaining speaker on the topics of hiring, sales, leadership and employee engagement.  His unique and unmatched expertise helps empower organizations to achieve record results.

Based on his latest book , Hire Fast Fire Fast – How Scientific Breakthroughs Minimize Costly Hiring Mistakes, John addresses company leaders about issues that diminish sales performance and offers time-tested, proven methods, backed by science that are guaranteed to elevate performance to new heights.

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