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Greg Blake

Larger than life at 6’7”, Greg is an encouragement specialist to organizations, corporations, and nonprofits with 30 years of experience managing teams from diverse organizations and all walks of life.

Fee Range: $ $5,000 - $7,500

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Greg is a larger than life 6’7” Encouragement Specialist to organizations, corporations and non profits with 30 years of experience with management teams from diverse organizations in all walks of life.  Greg is a motivational speaker with a message of hope for a hope-seeking world. A message of certainty for uncertain times. A message of strength in the face of adversity. A message of encouragement to meet life’s discouragement’s head on.

Greg provides keynotes, consultation and training that relates to the Boomer, Generation X and New Millennial learner’s needs. He also has a marriage building seminar that helps couples build stronger families and marriages.

Greg Blake's Programs

Greg’s topics are current and relevant. Below are some of his most asked for talks:

  • How to Boom and Zoom in Times of Gloom and Doom
  • How to Keep the Talent Poachers from Trespassing on Your Property
  • Vow to WOW Now with Magnetic Service
  • How to Reboot, Re-ignite and Re-Engage Your People in times of Economic Recovery 

Greg Blake's Books