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Gabor George Burt

Gabor speaks on achievement and peak performance, business, change management, empowerment, innovation, leadership, and leadership development.

Fee Range: $ $30,000 - $50,000

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Pioneer of high-growth strategy formation and re-imagining market boundaries; Creator of the Slingshot Framework; Author of the highly-acclaimed book SLINGSHOT.

The Slingshot Framework is at the forefront of global innovation, enabling individuals and organizations to overstep perceived limitations in pursuit of high growth and expanded relevance.

The foundation for Slingshot was Gabor’s work as a top expert of Blue Ocean Strategy, the new millennium’s most influential business leadership approach. He contributed case study material to the worldwide bestselling book of the same name, and originated its most popular blog.

Gabor is actively involved in shaping strategy for a diverse group of international clients ranging from top multinationals & governments to start-ups, academic institutions & NGOs, and leads by example through his own market-driving initiatives.

Featured speaker at prominent events: e.g. delivered opening presentation at the World Marketing Forum, was the architect and host of the Forum for Partnership in the Americas – a gathering of business and government leaders, and spoke twice at Forum One, one of Europe’s biggest leadership conferences.

Hosts exclusive, immersive gatherings of VIP participants; currently working on curation of high-profile annual event ‘Slingshot Symposium’ – a forum for global future-shapers and change agents.

Listed among Top 13 Disruptive Visionaries (see link below), featured writer in influential business publications including Harvard Business Review; interviewed on major television, radio and newspaper networks.

Gabor George Burt's Programs

Gabor George Burt provides programs that teach companies to overstep self-imposed boundaries so that they can experience sustained growth and obtain a deeper and more effective relationship with their consumers.

Re-Imagine the Boundaries of Your Business

In a business environment without borders, standing still is not an option. According to visionary Burt, you are either actively shaping the future of your market space or being left behind by others who are. His “slingshot framework” enables a participant to become a future-shaper in his/her organization and harness creative thinking to drive relevance and growth. During his interactive presentations using his proprietary framework, he teaches audiences to:

· Turn the weakest points of their customers’ experience into the strongest

· Aim not simply to satisfy, but to “infatuate” customers

· Stretch the definition of business in order to discover new markets of relevance and impact

· Embrace the “Shortcut to Meaningful Innovation” by unlocking powerful combinations of already existing components

At the end of the session, participants will possess the critical link between creativity and smart strategy and be empowered to:

· Systematically use new creativity

· Create and sustain strong emotional connection with target audiences

· Elevate business to shape lifestyles (and workstyles) rather than simply be a provider of goods or services

· Pursue meaningful innovation with the most impact and lowest cost

Harness the Full Creative Potential of Your Organization

A survey of 100,000 people by found that 98% believe creativity is important for their work, yet only 45% consider themselves creative, and a mere 2% think that their place of work fosters creativity. The good news, says Burt, is that creativity is a vastly underused, but completely free, abundant and immensely powerful resource we all possess. In this session, Burt shows how to capture and utilize creative thinking as a key resource that enables participants to:

· Connect systematic creativity with smart strategy

· Align the organization around the pursuit of meaningful innovation

· Shape the future of the market space

· Achieve strong customer loyalty, expanded relevance and sustained growth

How to Create Continuous Blue Oceans

Most companies are unable to find blue oceans—market spaces they have all to themselves. If they do find them, they are incapable of keeping them and discovering subsequent blue ocean spaces. In this presentation, Burt will show participants how they can create ongoing blue oceans of high customer value with no competition. A leading expert in blue ocean strategy, Burt pinpoints the key elements and simple approach to creating continuous blue oceans, while allowing an organization to maintain high growth, distinctive market offerings, and sidestep cutthroat price competition.

Re-Imagine Dinners

Burt’s Re-Imagine Dinners are intimate, exclusive gatherings of VIP attendees designed to explore how to overstep boundaries for continuous growth and relevance. Burt plays the role of host and provocateur, leading a combination of conversation and activities that challenges attendees to learn from each other. Each dinner is organized in a memorable setting with a creative chef who demonstrates the principles of “re-imagining boundaries” in the dinner itself, using ingredients in unusual yet savory combinations. All participants sit around a single table, which fosters an environment of strong group interaction.


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