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Ed Skoudis

A Hacker with the Highest Purpose

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Ed Skoudis, Instructor, Penetration Tester, Cyber Security Expert Witness, Director of SANS Cyber Ranges, and SANS Institute Fellow

Ed has taught over 20,000 cybersecurity professionals the art of responding to advanced cyber attackers as well as conducting in-depth penetration tests and attack simulations. He bases these lessons on the real-world experience he has learned through his work on over 200 actual large-scale cyber breach cases.  For the past 5 years, Ed has presented a keynote briefing to over 8,000 professionals at the RSA Conference on the top new attack techniques every cybersecurity practitioner needs to know about.  The RSA Conference keynote Ed leads has consistently drawn the highest reviews of all RSA Conference keynotes, year after year.  Ed and his team also built CyberCity, the urban cyber-warfare simulator featured on the Washington Post’s front page.  Additionally, Ed leads the team that creates the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge with KringleCon, hosting over 19,000 people annually in a fun, holiday-themed online cybersecurity challenge and conference event.

Some feedback from Ed’s RSA Conference talk and panel in 2021:

“I enjoyed Alan Paller, Johannes Ullrich, Heather Mahalik, Katie Nickels, and Ed Skoudis. Ed was the hero once again. Look forward to hearing him again. Thank you!”

“Very excellent program especially from Skoudis and Mahalik. Easily the best program I saw the entire week.”

“Quite possibly the best session of the entire conference. Thank you!”

“Best Keynote of RSA! Really hit the mark on delivering your content in a way that was slightly more technical than most keynotes (perfect for SANS representatives), but still at the right level for such a mixed crowd (not too technical).”

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Ed Skoudis's Programs

Top 5 Cyber Crime Attack Techniques and How to Thwart Them 
– The attack lifecycle from initial compromise to network domination
– Ransomware evolution from 2020 to 2025
– Crypto mining, data exfiltration, and more… oh my!
5 Critical Modern Strategies for Defending Your Cyber Turf
– How leading organizations are defending against the latest cyber threats
– Making the most of threat hunting to find and eradicate adversaries

– Purple teaming for the win!

Breach-zilla: Top Lessons Learned from the Latest Breaches and Ransomware Attacks
– Evolution of dominant attack vectors
– Effective techniques that would have short-circuited the biggest breaches in history
– Where do we go from here?  A brief glimpse of the cybersecurity future
From Security Team Up to the Board of Directors: Gaining Cyber Security Alignment Across Your Organization
– Various roles all with the same goal – to keep an organization safe and secure
– Communication techniques for various roles
– Common myths of cybersecurity and the truth

Ed Skoudis's Books