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Dr. Jonathan Fisher

Dr Fisher is a practicing cardiologist, certified mindfulness meditation teacher, and resilience and well-being coach. He shares with audiences science-based tools to improve their lives.

Fee Range: $ < $5,000

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A Harvard-trained Cardiologist and certified mindfulness meditation teacher with 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Fisher survived burnout and rediscovered his joy at work the hard way. He is now committed to ending workplace burnout and optimizing peak performance in healthcare and beyond.

Participants learn evidence-based high-yield easy-to-implement skills and techniques in highly interactive keynotes, workshops, and retreats.

After ten years of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga training, Dr. Fisher obtained his Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification with the the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation in Birmingham, England.

Dr. Fisher teaches in a dynamic and impactful way. With an engaging mix of intensity and playfulness, he leads training sessions at leadership workshops, corporate wellness retreats, department-wide team-building meetings.

Dr. Fisher is on a mission to: Empower leaders and teams to experience more joy and meaning in their life’s work, and reach their full potential.


Dr. Jonathan Fisher's Programs

The Burnout Cure: A 3-part rescue strategy for conquering stress and rediscovering happiness at work.

Discover The SPACE Within You: a 5-step evidence-based guide to thriving and achieving peak performance in times of chaos.

Making TIME for What Matters Most: Introduction to Mindfulness for Well-being and Peak Performance: a course in mindfulness for stress reduction, well-being, and peak performance.

Dr. Jonathan Fisher's Books