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Dr. Jason Jones

Jason equips leaders to energize, engage, and activate the best in their people. Jason understands the challenges leaders face every day to move and inspire people to be their best.

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Jason equips leaders to energize, engage, and activate the best in their people. As a former leader in a Fortune 10 corporation, Jason understands the challenges leaders face every day to move people to action and inspire people to do their best.

Dr. Jones is a workplace psychologist, speaker, author, and executive coach. He has spent more than 20 years studying human motivation, performance, and workplace engagement. Jason is a recognized expert in the area of employee motivation, engagement, and leadership development. He is the author of the book, “28 Days to a Motivated Team.” 

Through his keynote presentations and training workshops, Jason teaches leaders how to become more influential, persuasive, and how to activate the natural motivation of the people they lead. Utilizing the latest in neuroscience research and gleaning from more than 100 years of motivation theory, he curates it all into interesting and practical presentations that are engaging, informative, and entertaining.

Dr. Jones’ client list includes some of the worlds most recognized brands including American Airlines, AT&T, Ericsson, Sonoco, Seagate Technology, CytoVance Biologics, U.S. Postal Service, Airtron, and Sandridge Energy to name just a few.

Jason has held internal leadership roles in companies in the publishing, healthcare, and technology sectors. He has spent more than fifteen years working with top corporations to build world-class leadership development initiatives and corporate universities. His last corporate leadership role was as Director of Executive Development for AT&T where his team was responsible for executive education for more than 6000 leaders worldwide and was named the #1 Learning Company in America by Chief Learning Office Magazine.

Dr. Jones uses an entertaining and high energy style to present keynote speeches and training workshops with the goal of energizing people, connecting them to their passion at work, and helping each person learn the skills necessary to ignite the energy, motivation, and focus of others.

On a personal note, Jason enjoys working on his roadster modifications with his boys and dancing with his daughter. He and his 3 children reside in Dallas, Texas.


Dr. Jason Jones's Programs


Activate! Awaken the Motivation and Potential of the People You Lead

The science is clear, you don’t instill motivation in people, you ACTIVATE it! Learn what it takes to energize and inspire people toward greater focus, engagement, and passion in their work. Dr. Jones shares a science-based five-step framework to help leaders bypass outdated motivational theories and activate the internal motivation of people to be their best in work and life. Intertwining scientifically proven methods with stories about real-life leadership challenges, Dr. Jones’ helps attendees take ownership of their role and build confidence in their ability to activate their people.

Attendees Gain:

  • Deep understanding of what really motivates people
  • Specific motivational techniques to activate higher levels of performance
  • A method to identify the motivation triggers in yourself and others
  • A simple and proven framework to approach leadership and relationships at work
  • Specific ideas for activating people to be and do their best on the job and in their personal lives.

The Neuroscience of Leadership and Performance: Engaging the Head and the Heart of the People You Lead

Neuroscience has entered the world of leadership with data and application that is as enlightening as it is interesting. The great leaders of the future will be those who understand how to leverage the power source of our thinking and behavior — the brain. Utilizing recent scientific discoveries leaders can learn how to activate more of the brain that can lead to higher levels of motivation, engagement, energy, health, and performance.

Attendees Gain:

  • Understanding the full power of the brain at work to think and take purposeful action
  • Insights into why certain environments and interactions limit employee potential
  • Techniques to activate the full brain that boosts decision-making, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and creativity skills
  • Actionable tips to engage the brain, capture attention and increase focus
  • Inspiration to lead in a psychologically-friendly manner that helps everyone succeed
  • Proven methods for managing underperforming employees
  • Inspiration to lead at a high level that will produce greater achievement and results for you and your team

Don’t Just Manage People, Impact Lives!: The 3 Keys to Building Strong Manager-Employee Relationships

Effective management is more than driving results and accountability. The best managers build trusting relationships that unleash the best in their people and actively pursue their greatness.

When a strong relationship occurs between an employee and the manager, motivation, engagement, quality of work, creativity, and personal character increase.

In this session, Dr. Jones inspires audience members to improve their relationships with each of their employees and see the benefits of building a high-trust partnership to reach goals together. Attendees will learn how to use brain-based and practical techniques in three critical areas that impact the employee-manager relationship: Connecting, Coaching, and Culturing.

Attendees Gain:

  • Insight into the importance of the employee-manager relationship
  • A three-stage approach to become a better relationship builder.
  • Techniques to build trust and deepen relationships
  • Tips for managing uncooperative employees
  • Techniques for guiding employees through change and ambiguity
  • Inspiration to help employees achieve at a higher level and love their work

Leading with Backbone and Heart: How Great Leaders Balance Driving Results and Caring for People

Effective leaders are able to manage driving results while also maintaining relationships. In this session, attendees are taught a proven conversational model that aids expectation setting, achievement, and accountability with their employees, while also building healthy relationships. Proven techniques for listening, leading with questions, giving feedback, and driving accountability are shared.

Attendees Gain:

  • A simple yet effective model to guide to maintaining the balance of driving results while also caring for the employee.
  • An understanding of how to lead with questions to increase employee ownership and motivation
  • Critical insight into how to give honest and direct feedback to employees
  • Techniques that help employees think deeper about problems and challenges and to make good decisions
  • Tools to help employees create goals and a plan for achieving them
  • A method for accelerating goal achievement

Focus for Success: Uplevel Your Brain to be Your Best in Work and Life

We have more distractions in our current work environment than ever before. Recent studies have revealed that a person’s ability to focus attention is at an all-time low. This comes during a time that these skills are desperately needed to perform at a high level.

In this keynote, Dr. Jones will inspire attendees to take an evidence-based approach to maintain focus, mitigate distraction, sustain motivation, and create personal accountability for achieving goals. This session uses audience interaction techniques and will inspire every person to take action to be more focused and intentional in their work.

Attendees Gain:

  • Understanding of a science-based approach to setting and achieving effective goals
  • A pathway for taking action that builds confidence
  • A practical strategy for avoiding distraction, increasing focus, and accelerating achievement
  • Strategies to build momentum and keep yourself motivated throughout the year
  • Techniques to manage and even expand your energy to be and do your best every day
  • Blueprint for building a system of accountability that will keep you on track to goal achievement


Dr. Jason Jones's Books