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David Atkins

David teaches you the mindset needed through his own stories of trials and tribulations to succeed at the highest level. Breakthrough fear and adversity to play a bigger game in your business life.

Travels from: New York

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It started when I was 12 years old and I had the vision of being a professional baseball player. I wanted a batting cage with a pitching machine in my backyard. My parents couldn’t afford it so I wrote my goal down on a piece of paper, gave it to them, and vowed to make it happen. I delivered newspapers in all types of weather for an entire year until I saved a few thousand dollars to purchase the machine. Despite the cold, the rain, people not paying me, I kept the vision and goal in the forefront of my mind and refused to make excuses.
As a teenager growing up in Long Island, NY, I was always impressed by Ocean Lifeguards. I started on the Long Island Sound but wanted something more. I wanted to be an Ocean Lifeguard; my grandpa once told me “Those are the real lifeguards.”

But it wasn’t easy, and I had to overcome many barriers such as FEAR to achieve such a goal but with the right MINDSET it ultimately helped me prevail.

I entered the New York State Police as a State Trooper in 1998 and rose through the ranks to Captain until retirement in 2020. I was promoted from State Trooper to Investigator. Then I was promoted to Sergeant and again promoted to Lieutenant and ultimately promoted to Captain. This is where I ran the entire County of Westchester, NY for the State Police. I had over 100 State Police employees between Troopers, Sergeants, Lieutenants, and Civilian employees, that I supervised along with an entire Dispatch Center that took over 400,000 911 calls a year. I even was the main Incident Commander for all law enforcement operations of the US Open for Golf at Winged Foot the Summer 2020.
Becoming a Leader to many and handling ADVERSITY became a daily occurrence in my 22 year career.
Earlier during my career on April 25, 2007 everything changed…. forever. My best friend who was also a State Trooper was shot and killed in the line of duty.
My MINDSET shifted to how precious life is and the importance of having a sense of URGENCY in life in all we do because it can all be taken away in an instance.
After recognizing the impact my best friend had on me, I realized the importance of adding value to others and making an impact on them.
Then in 2010 my wife Kristen and I started a direct selling business. The vast majority of people told us it wouldn’t work, you can’t succeed doing that, and were very negative early on as we stepped into the industry.
Through personal GROWTH, overcoming ADVERSITY, having a VISION, and a sense of URGENCY I became a million dollar earner within the company working part time. It was life changing for my wife and our 3 daughters but I learned how important a powerful MINDSET is needed to achieve this goal.
I have spoken to thousands of people all over the country with my biggest impact when I spoke at the NFL Super Dome to a crowd of 20,000 people.
I have been sharing my stories from childhood to present day and how the importance of VISION, MINDSET and URGENCY apply to them all.
Living a healthy and fulfilling life is a priority to me so I can be the best for others. So I begin my day everyday at 5am with meditation, reading my vision, gratitude, and exercise. When I’m not working I do what’s most important to me and that’s spending time with my wife and three daughters. Family is # 1 to me and everything I do is for them. I want to be successful not only in public but in private as well as a husband and father.

David Atkins's Programs

No Excuses

Breakthrough your Fear & Adversity

In this Keynote you will recognize the excuses we all tell ourselves of why we can’t achieve a certain goal, or attain that next promotion, or make the biggest impact in our career and life.

This program is perfect for:

  • Executives and leaders responsible for inspiring their team to get to that next level
  • Sales teams who feel stuck in their business and life
  • Organizations who want to create momentum among their employees
  • Entrepreneurs who feel stuck getting the momentum they need to succeed

The audience will leave with:

  • Empowerment that they can achieve big goals
  • Inspiration to take action immediately towards that next level
  • Having a vision that they can see and feel before they are even there
  • The positive mindset and attitude needed each day to succeed no matter what happens in life

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