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Dave Sanderson

Survivor, Dave Sanderson is a business growth expert who teaches and shows people how to “get back on their plane after they face challenging time” and “turn their turmoil into triumph.”

Fee Range: $ $10,000 - $15,000

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Dave Sanderson is an inspirational speaker, podcaster, radio host, and author who channeled his life-changing experience onboard US Airways Flight 1549, the Miracle on the Hudson, into a mission to provide insight on the important facets of faith, conviction and leadership; attributes that he credits with saving his life, and those of fellow passengers as the last passenger to leave the plane.

Named one of Inc.coms Top 100 Leadership speakers for 2018, Sanderson now travels the world to share his inspirations leadership lessons, raising over $14.8M USD for the American Red Cross over the last ten years through his talks.

Dave speaks to over 100 corporate and business networking groups annually on how to ”Employ your Personal Leadership to Find your Distinct Advantage”, and does his signature talk “Brace For Impact” to community groups. He authored “Moments Matter”, his personal account of the mindset, tactics and strategies that helped him overcome the events of that fateful day in January. His new workshop, Create your own Flight Plan, provides teams and corporate leaders personal leadership skills. He provides an Alexa Daily Flash Briefing, now “Voice of Personal Leadership” and more.

Sanderson is passionate about encouraging others to be great leaders and neighbors in their communities, through both good times and difficulties.

Dave Sanderson's Programs



In his highly acclaimed keynote, Dave guides C-Suite, management teams and conferences attendees through his nine personal leadership lessons to help them discover their DISTINCT ADVANTAGE. Using his signature PITTChE program, that Point In Time That Changes Everything, Dave details strategies for employing personal leadership to give certainty and confidence to those who may have uncertainty, illustrating the key lessons top executives and founders use to manage their state, increase their productivity, and demonstrate global leadership.

JOLT – Bouncing Back:
A personal experience with Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome

How do you bounce back and grow from a traumatic event? When Dave was featured on the cover of AARP magazine he didn’t realize there was a name for his growth mindset approach to adversity – PTGS, or Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome. In this presentation, Dave illustrates the power of meaning and through a virtual roundtable sharing successful strategies anyone can use to connect and grow from any traumatic life event.

Moments Matter

In this stirring presentation, Dave Sanderson reveals the lessons and strategies that helped guide his decisions following the crash of US Airways Flight 1549, or “The Miracle on the Hudson”. Dave not only survived the “crash” but realized that there were key moments in his life that prepared him for how he came through the events of that day. In this 45 minute presentation, Dave shares practical and implementable strategies on resiliency, leadership, and state management anyone can use to not only survive their “personal plane crash” moment but grow and thrive.

Create Your Own Flight Plan

How do you create a top 1% work culture or sales force? Combining 30 years of experience as one of the top sales producers in every organization he has worked with (ADP, BMS, KPMG, CIBER, PeopleSoft and Oracle), dovetailing his learnings as security director for Tony Robbins, Dave synthesises decades of teachings into a two-hour workshop or webinar, that will help leaders discover key strategies that differentiate the world’s top performers.

Key learnings include:

  • Developing Your Inner Hero
  • Managing Your Mind During a Crisis
  • The Power of Personal Responsibility
  • Tools to help you to “Create your own

    Flight Plan”

Dave Sanderson's Books