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Corey Perlman

Bestselling author and top-rated speaker Corey Perlman helps businesses succeed through digital marketing.

Fee Range: $ $15,000 - $20,000

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Bestselling author and top-rated speaker Corey Perlman helps businesses succeed through digital marketing. He teaches well-tested and current social media strategies. As the owner of Impact Social Inc., Corey Perlman is at the forefront of digital marketing for over 10 years. He started his career with the eCommerce Division of General Motors, before launching his consulting and speaking business in 2009. Since then, he’s worked with such notable brands as Sysco Foods, The American Healthcare Association, Dale Carnegie Training and The PGA Tour.

As a keynote speaker, Corey Perlman delivers results with his engaging interactive talks that are always tailored to serve his client’s individual needs. He is continually rated as a top speaker by companies big and small.

The celebrated author of two bestselling books, Perlman’s first, eBoot Camp! ranked No. 1 on Amazon in every major business category. His most recent, Social Media Overload! Simple Social Media Strategies for Overwhelmed and Time-deprived Businesses has been called engaging, relevant, a must-read, and spot-on marketing advice for any business. Close to a decade of keynote speaking has produced a long list of highly satisfied clients.

Corey Perlman's Programs

Authentically Social: Putting Culture, Community and Connection at the Core of your Digital Strategy

Social Selling: Turning Prospects into Customers and Customers into your Digital Salesforce

Digital Marketing Masterclass: Overhaul your Digital Footprint and Outpace your Competition

The Daily Post: Content Creation Strategies that Win Attention, Fuel Engagement, and Drive Results

“We decided not to do business with you.”: Are you pushing potential prospects to your competition?


Digital Marketing Masterclass

Tired of social media overviews with no actionable takeaways? Would you prefer that your attendees leave with a specific to-do list they can immediately implement? Put them through a Digital Marketing Masterclass and watch your conference evaluations soar!

Key Takeaways:

  • Fish where the fish are: Prioritize the social sites you focus on and eliminate the rest
  • Are you a Google Ghost Town? Best Practices to move up search engine rankings
  • Common Website mistakes that are sabotaging your visitor’s experience

The Daily Post

A step-by-step strategy to efficiently and effectively post compelling content to your social networks on a daily basis. Stay ‘top of mind’ with your clients and prospects month in and month out without frustrating our annoying them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why creating a content calendar is the secret to success
  • Creating a proper mix of images, video and written content
  • How to turn one article or video into a week’s worth of content

“We Decided Not to do Business with You.”

When someone chooses not to do business with you or go with a competitor, they rarely tell us why. More often than not, it’s because of something they see (or don’t see) online. Discover the holes in your digital footprint that may be sabotaging your sales and pushing prospects to your competition.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Google Game. Ways to rank higher and give off a better first impression
  • Common Website Mistakes that are costing you customers
  • Online Reputation Management: How to be proactive in limiting negative reviews and increasing 4 and 5-star reviews
  • Build rapport, stay top of mind and earn referrals on Facebook and Instagram

Corey Perlman's Books