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Chuck Whitlock

You need a speaker who does more than talk. Someone who entertains while he educates on many areas of fraud, providing an audience with practical tools that can be used immediately.

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Chuck Whitlock knows scams and white-collar crime inside and out. He exposes them. He educates about them. He even pretends to commit them—on camera—demonstrating to audiences just how the real crooks operate. Chuck does this all to raise awareness, to empower viewers, and to light a fire under audiences to join his fight against fraud.

Considered a leading authority on fraud, Chuck shares his knowledge in presentations as a professional speaker, in books as a top-selling author, through his work as an investigative correspondent and producer, and through his seminars and workshops as a trainer.

Easy Money and Oprah Winfrey

Chuck devoted himself to fighting fraud beginning in the early nineties when he wrote Easy Money, his first book exposing cons and con artists. He crafted it as a reference book that readers could easily use by revealing the tricks of the con artist’s trade.

If you understand how the cons work, you will know how to protect yourself, your business, your family, and your assets. In this business, knowledge is critical because it’s your only protection against the con artists. If you know how they ply their trade, you will know how to spot a con game and what to do when a con artist approaches you.


Easy Money

Easy Money caught the attention of a producer for Oprah Winfrey. As a result, Chuck appeared several times on Oprah, teaching viewers about common cons and tactics used by criminals.

After his initial appearances on Oprah, the NBC affiliate in Portland, Oregon, approached Chuck to produce a regular Easy Money on-camera segment for its local news operation. Other news affiliates across the country picked up and broadcast Chuck’s reports. From there, his role as an award-winning investigative TV correspondent and producer took off.

Catching Cons on Camera

Chuck found a critical scam-busting ally in the camera, not only by exposing criminals but by pretending to be a con artist and duping unsuspecting victims for TV. While Chuck joined investigators on stings and raids, went undercover to catch criminals in action, and interviewed criminals and victims alike, he also pretended to be a con artist. He carried out common scams on camera and then revealed his true identity to raise awareness and help people learn how to protect themselves. Not only did his “victims” learn just how real con artists work and how easy it is to fall for their ruses but so do the countless audiences who see Chuck’s video reports.

Chuck’s award-winning investigative reports have aired on numerous broadcast outlets. He has produced investigative pieces for news magazines such as 60 Minutes, Inside Edition, Hard Copy, and Extra. His national recognition as an expert on scams has led to appearances on many other television and radio programs including:

Chuck Whitlock—Lighting a Fire under Audiences

• Today on NBC
• Court TV
• The View
• CNBC’s Steals & Deals • CNN’s Your Money

• The Charles Grodin Show on CNBC

• Geraldo

• The 20th Century with Mike Wallace

• Regis and Kathie Lee • The Other Half
• The Rob Nelson Show

• Home & Family
• Crook & Chase
• Christina
• Save Our Streets
• Joan Rivers’ nationally

syndicated radio show • Bottom Line Secrets

syndicated radio show

Chuck has also produced and hosted a number of television specials and investigative segments that have appeared on local, national, and international shows and networks including the Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel, as well as on the British special Hoaxbusters.

Other special projects include:

• The Scam Show with Chuck Whitlock, a nationally-syndicated weekly radio show • Extra Undercover with Chuck Whitlock, a one-hour special for Telepictures
• Crimeline, a television show developed for Oregon Trail Television
• Live & Learn, a television pilot developed for Fox Domestic Television

Chuck has been honored for his investigative work and received the following awards, some of which have also been won by the likes of Diane Sawyer, Stone Phillips, the late Peter Jennings, and Ted Koppel:

• Society of Professional Journalists’ Sigma Delta Chi Award 1st Place/Television Investigative Reporting

• National Headliner Award
1st Place/Outstanding Investigative Reporting

• National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators 1st Place/Television Investigative Reporting

• Washington State Crime Prevention Association Crime Prevention Program of the Year

An Author with a Cause

Following Easy Money, Chuck wrote two other critical fraud prevention resources. Scam School chronicles many of the scams and con artists he exposed on the air. Next came MediScams in which Chuck reveals how to spot and avoid health care scams, medical fraud, and quackery.

Another of Chuck’s books not only addresses fraud targeting seniors but much more. Chuck teamed up with co-author Bill Reed for Age without Rage. It brings together a collection of experts to address the wide range of issues important to aging confidently and smartly. Age without Rage covers what seniors can do to avoid being scammed, how to protect their assets from catastrophic illness, long-term health concerns such as mental health issues.

Chuck Whitlock's Programs

Chuck’s favorite topics:

  • Identity Theft
  • Fraud Against Seniors
  • Today’s Top Ten Frauds 
  • Cyber Crime & Scams
  • Financial Fraud & Investment Scams
  • Business Fraud
  • The Psychology of a Con Artist
  • Using the Media to Your Advantage
  • Secrets of Business Success

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Chuck Whitlock's Books

Top-Selling Author & Fraud Expert

Chuck Whitlock exposes the inner workings of white-collar crimes, fraud, and scams in his books. His works include fraud-prevention resources which provide helpful advice on how to protect yourself, your money, and your loved ones from the devastating effects of such crimes.

Chuck also shares his insights as a contributing writer from time to time for such publications as Bottom Line/Wealth and Law Enforcement Technology magazine. His expertise has also been featured in interviews in The Washington Post, Cleveland’s Plain Dealer, the Chicago Sun-Times and many other newspapers.