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Brett Williams

Brett Williams is the keynote speaker who defies the role leadership plays in countering cyber attacks, and he is the speaker who can help your company defeat the hackers.

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Brett is a graduate of Duke University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science.  He commissioned into the Air Force in 1981, completed pilot training and began flying the F-15 fighter.  He deployed several times to Southwest Asia and completed over 100 combat missions in Operation Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and others.  Brett commanded multiple combat units and in his final command he led the Air Force’s largest combat wing, the 18th Wing, in Okinawa Japan.  His command and staff responsibilities included aviation operations and maintenance, logistics, hospital services, personnel and community support, human relations, contracting, financial operations, security and civil engineering.

After 28 years of leading flying operations, Brett transitioned into the field of IT and cybersecurity.  His first position was the Director of Communications for United States Pacific Command.  He was responsible for CIO and CISO functions and his 150-person directorate designed, implemented and operated all command and control networks in the Pacific.  In his final active duty assignment, Brett served as the Director of Operations for United States Cyber Command.  He led a team of 400 people responsible for the global operations and defense of all DOD networks as well as the planning and execution of authorized offensive operations.  Brett is well known as the person who “operationalized” cyberspace operations.  He designed the organizational structure and operating concepts that DoD currently follows as they build out capability to defend the nation and protect our national interests from cyber threats.

A High Impact Leader in the Private Sector

Following retirement from the Air Force, Brett co-founded IronNet Cybersecurity Inc.  IronNet is developing an advanced cybersecurity solution based on applying behavioral analytics to large-scale network flow data.  In addition to his work at IronNet, Brett delivers cyber-risk education seminars to corporate boards and senior executives across multiple business sectors.  As a National Association of Corporate Directors Leadership Fellow, Brett leverages both his leadership experience and his technical understanding of cyber to help boards and senior management provide more effective oversight of technology-risk and cyber-risk.

Brett Williams's Programs

Defending the Nation in Cyberspace-

The Challenge:

As business owners and as private citizens, we all rely on the U.S. Government to defend our interests against nation-state actors, terrorists and other advanced threat groups operating in cyberspace. The challenge is we do not understand what the government can or should do and it is hard to understand how we are to separate the hype from the things we should really be concerned aboutt.

The Solution:

Brett Williams keynote draws on his extensive experience in the formative years of U.S. Cyber Command. In his position as the Director of Operations, he was responsible for the operations and defense of DoD networks and for planning offensive operations. His military experience coupled with his experience in the private sector make him the right speaker to articulate the challenges we face as a nation due to cyber threats. In this speech, Brett explains the strategic threats facing our country and their potential impact on critical infrastructure like our power grid and our water supply. He explains the role of the government vs the role of the private sector and helps the audience understand the challenges we face defining those distinct roles. Brett’s attendance at high level policy discussions during actual cyber-attacks, allows him to share insights and challenges facing the United States as it seeks to deter and defeat our adversaries in cyber space.

Brett also has tailored programs for:

C-Suite Executives and Board Members

Leaders at All Levels

Small Business Owners

CIOs and CISOs


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