When the going gets tough people need inspiration and information more than ever. Traditionally, keynote speakers have done a great job in helping organizations with growth, engagement, and messaging. Not only have they been conduits of inspiration and motivation, but being experts in specific fields, they really provide timely and much needed information for professional growth. However, change is part of life and we find ourselves in a period of tremendous change and uncertainty. So, what do we do to inform, inspire and empower our groups and teams in today’s world?

Traditional face-to-face meetings are not possible right now, but an opportunity awaits that can be a fabulous messaging tool that ignites and engages like no other—Virtual Keynotes. Most organizations have already moved their internal meetings to virtual platforms, so it is easy to move annual meetings and conferences.

So many great speakers have mastered the virtual platform, but not all!  Sometimes really great face-to-face speakers are not the best choice for a virtual meeting. Speakers Bureaus spend a lot of time vetting for you! Let us help you to choose great messengers who are perfect for your goals, objectives and culture.

From our experience, clients really want speakers that bring:

  • Great Experiences

Bringing awareness to your meetings through great content is only half the job of a professional speaker. Organizations want attendees engaged emotionally and personally, because objectives are better achieved when a memorable experience has been created. Virtual storytelling and interaction is important for a quality virtual keynote to creating attendee participation and involvement

.                                                                               Jason Hewlett

  • Quality Productions

Your speaker’s presentation needs to be as professional visually as possible. Speakers who have studios and production capabilities, proper lighting and experience doing meetings virtually make you look good

Meridith Elliot Powell

  • Personal Interactions

Virtual meet and greets and quality follow ups are important for knowledge retention and emotional connection. Personal interaction can be virtually successful even if you choose a pre-recorded keynote. Live Q&A , live polling, and post-session recaps, are all great ways audiences can interact with the speakers personally. Speakers also love to be part of the whole event and will help with transitioning and make themselves available for “fireside chats” or “happy hours.”

                                                                                  Jim Bouchard