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Avish Parashar

Avish Parashar is an experienced, innovative, energetic, and humorous speaker who uses his experience performing, directing, and teaching improv comedy to deliver unique and refreshing presentations.

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Avish Parashar is an experienced, innovative, energetic, and humorous speaker who uses his 15+ years of experience performing, directing and teaching improv comedy to deliver unique and refreshing presentations to a variety of audiences.

 Weaving together humorous stories, jokes, audience interaction, and improv comedy games, Avish keeps the audience engaged while imparting a key lesson: Planning is Important, but Improvising is Essential! No matter how well you plan, things will go wrong, surprises will arise, and the Universe will throw you a curveball. Your success and sanity are directly related to how you respond these challenges. By the end of one of Avish’s presentations you will have key tools to flow with all that life throws at you.

 Avish has spoken to the very creative (actors and directors), the very un-creative (accountants), the very casual (college students), and the very business-like (sales professionals). The end result is always the same – smiles, laughs, and a new way of looking at life and business.

 Avish graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1995, created, managed, and directed Polywumpus Improv Comedy from 1996-2002, and currently performs, teaches, and directs improv with Full Circle Theater. Avish is an active member of the National Speakers Association, Toastmasters, and the Network of Indian Professionals. When not speaking, Avish reads, writes, plays basketball, and has been known to make a short film or two…

Avish Parashar's Programs

DING Happens!

How to Quickly Make the Most of Whatever Life Throws at You!

No matter how well you plan, things will go wrong, unexpected surprises will appear, and the universe will throw you a curve ball. Your level of success is often dictated not by how well you plan, but rather by how quickly and effectively you deal with the unexpected when it happens (and it will!)

In this energetic, fun, motivational, and interactive speech, Avish demonstrates how the same principles that lead to hilarity on an improv comedy stage can lead to massive success in life. Avish weaves together humorous stories, witty observations, and interactive exercises from improvisational comedy to get people laughing, learning, and motivated!

Avish will cover vital points to help them flow with the unexpected, deal with change, and be more effective. Your audience will learn how to:

  1. Have fun in the face of adversity (and why this is a critical business skill)
  2. React instantly and powerfully by only controlling the controllable
  3. Simply say “Yes, And” instead of “Yes, But” to instantly improve communication, flexibility, and personal success

Unleashing Brilliance By Observing Stupidity!

Bring out the brilliance in your group by observing the stupidity of others…

All people are brilliant. Unfortunately, we all just do stupid things from time to time.

In this energetic and hilarious keynote, Avish points out the stupid things that people – yes, including himself – do, makes a lot of fun of it, and then explains the simple mental shifts anyone can immediately make to take their career or business to the next level.

“What mental shifts,” you say? I’m glad you asked.

Avish’s presentation will shake your audience up and shift them:

  1. From saying “yes, but” to saying, “yes, and” – and all the brilliance that unlocks
  2. From obsessing over inconsequential details to focusing on the big picture
  3. From complaining about things they can not control to taking powerful immediate action
  4. From going through their daily motions to seeing and seizing everyday opportunities they may be missing
  5. From being stuck in a rut to unleashing their natural brilliance

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