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Harvey Alston
Speaker Image Helps your organization to "Be the Best"

Sekou Andrews
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A world renowned wordsmith who performs dynamic, custom spoken word pieces for internal corporate presentation, meetings, pitches, conferences, and videos.

Ron Archer
Speaker Image

He is a Best Selling Author, A Business Executive, NFL Consultant, Military Leadership Consultant, Corporate Leadership Trainer, Presidential Advisor, TV Pundit, Envoy to Latin America, Africa, Europe and Korea.

Lior Arussy
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One of the world’s leading consultants on customer experience and customer centric transformation, Lior Arussy delivers results.

Jennifer Azzi
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"Jennifer Azzi is a Olympic Gold Medalist and youngest inductee to Stanford University's Hall of Fame."


Chris Bashinelli
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Chris Bashinelli was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. After a decade long acting career culminating in The Sopranos (HBO), Chris moved to Africa. He now traverses the globe from Tanzania to Thailand as Host and Producer of Bridge the Gap (PBS), where he discovers what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes for one day. He’s an International Speaker (TEDx), a Guest Author for the Huffington Post, Lonely Planet, and is the United Nations Go-to-Kid for all things youth, Brooklyn, and cultural exchange.

John Beck
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“I teach people how to use the powerful Universal Logic Philosophy to make their dreams a reality!“ -John Beck, The Universal Logic Coach

Jeanne Bliss
Speaker Image
Jeanne Bliss
Chief Customer Officer for Lands' End, Mazda, Allstate, Coldwell Banker and Microsoft

Darrell Chaney
Speaker Image

Darrel Lee Chaney is an American former player/announcer in Major League Baseball who played for the Cincinnati Reds and Atlanta Braves from 1969 to 1979.

Peggy Collins
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Peggy's passion is enabling the decision making power of working women. Too many business and professional women get caught up in doing it all themselves - and they fail to realize that asking for help can actually bring back the power in their lives, help them take charge, and feel more in control than ever before.

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