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Lance Secretan

Dr. Lance Secretan is one of the world's foremost thinkers about leadership and a renowned pioneer in innovative methods of inspiring people and organizations. The former CEO of a Fortune 100 company and an acclaimed business school professor, Lance Secretan works with a gifted worldwide faculty changing the lives of people and transforming companies and revolutionizing the way they think about leadership.


Donna Brazile
Political Commentator and Chair of the Voting Rights Institute ...More>>
Robert Rebhan

Robert J. Rebhan is a former Detective Sergeant with the Los Angeles Police Department. During his exciting career with the LAPD, he served in many high-profile assignments, including Robbery/ ...More>>

Kevin Soden

Dr. Kevin Soden, an Emmy and Telly award-winning medical journalist for over 20 years, can now be seen each day as the host of Healthline, a daily half-hour medical show on the Retirement Livi ...More>>

Laughing in the Dark: From colored girl to woman of color--a journey from prison to power  -  Patrice   Gaines
A groundbreaking autobiography. Patrice Gaines explores the twisted path she traveled to find her place as a confident black female in a world that values whiteness and maleness. She writes about her journey from unwed mother with a drug rap to award-winner reporter and a woman her daughter could be proud of-- a woman capable of both independence and love. Here is a rich and insightful story of a life lived on the edge by a woman formerly preoccu ...More>>