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George Walther, MBA, CSP, CPAE
The Traveling Twain of the 21st Century - Inspiring Profitable Adventures for Your Life and Business
About George Walther, MBA, CSP, CPAE:


The Traveling Twain of the 21st Century:

Inspiring Profitable Adventures for Your Life and Business

Acclaimed for three decades as a professional speaker and author whose business-boosting works are published around the world, George Walther is now also celebrated as the "Traveling Twain of the 21st Century."  He presents keynotes and workshops for diverse businesses, ranging from Starbucks and Microsoft to dentists and entrepreneurs.

On stage, he combines tales from his adventures in 105 countries, as featured in USA Today, with over 35 years of business authorship and consulting to deliver potent, practical lessons for commerce and life.

George's highlights include:

  • Inducted as lifetime member of Speakers Hall of Fame; exceptionally riveting and entertaining on stage
  • Adventured in 105 countries (so far) with bizarre and hilarious stories, always translated into practical lessons for life and business
  • Crashed and burned his own airplane while learning to trust his gut
  • Authored numerous acclaimed business books and A/V programs published worldwide in multiple languages, featuring sales, service, and communication topics
  • After a decade of full-time single parenting, George is now happily married and extremely proud his daughter's independence
  • In order to "practice what he preaches" about incorporating an adventuresome attitude in every aspect of life, he and his wife move every year: Whistler, Canada; then San Diego; then Nice, France; now Honolulu; Barcelona, Spain is next; and who knows where after that!

Delighted clients include:  Microsoft, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, FTD, Washington Mutual, American Express, Starbucks, Hewlett-Packard, GE, American Airlines, AT&T, Dunhill, Roman Meal, Washington Mutual, Nikon, and many other associations and corporations.




How to Live and Work with Passion and Adventure - Despite the Economy

It's tempting to "put everything on hold" during tough economic times.  Frustration creates freeze-ups.  People and their organizations stop moving ahead, creating, marketing, nurturing relationships, and innovating. Yet, these are precisely the times when we most need to stimulate momentum.  What's stopping you and those with whom you work from getting the most out of life and contributing the most creativity and innovation at work?  That's what this program is all about.

Refuse to live a recessionary life. This presentation will inspire you to seize every day as an invitation to leap over obstacles. Whether you're launching a new marketing initiative, spurring your work team to the pinnacle of productivity, or infusing your personal relationships with renewed passion, this is your jump-start program.

Your success in thriving despite a tough economy, overcoming business challenges, and triumphing in personal crises hinges upon your ability to: 1.) Communicate clearly, confidently, and positively, 2.) Cultivate an adventuresome, creative spirit, and, of course, 3.) Nurture your customer, collegial, and personal relationships.

Delivered by a renowned business expert, this presentation combines global adventure stories with frontline tales from the jungles of commerce. The result? A practical recession-trouncing action plan you'll begin implementing even before you leave the room. 

Client Benefits and Audience Takeaways:

  • The next roadblock you encounter will be transformed. It will become an invitation to discover creative ways to unravel what you thought was a tangled mess.
  • You'll quickly develop rapport and open, productive communication channels-even with confounding co-workers and cranky customers.
  • Everyone you share your life with will feel uplifted and will in turn uplift you.
  • You'll identify obstacles and excuses that have prevented you from making your dreams come true and learn to blast right through them.
  • You'll leave the room with an action plan and a commitment to take specific steps forward-NOW-toward attaining your professional and personal goals.
  • And, you and your organization will recognize and capitalize on the opportunities this recession presents.



How to Master "Power Talking" - The Language of Success

Nothing is more important than superb communication skills when it comes to advancing your career, winning and keeping customers, negotiating agreements, strengthening personal relationships, and resolving disputes. Power Talking is a system of using common words to create uncommonly positive outcomes. We now know that "power talkers" sell more; live longer, healthier lives; and achieve their career and personal goals faster. In this program, participants learn to identify powerless, self-sabotaging phrases in their everyday conversations and discover powerful replacements that generate superior results. The Action Plan focuses on nine Power Talking principles to implement daily. This "language of success" helps all people who communicate! Senior management, supervisors, admin staff, sales and service personnel, and spouses-everyone can improve their communication effectiveness using George's tactics.


  • More positive, productive communication that ensures that you'll always say what you mean and get what you want
  • Smoother conflict resolution, higher sales, better cooperation with subordinates and peers
  • Enhanced self-image that results in projecting far more favorable first-and ongoing-impressions.


COMMUNICATION PROGRAM (1 to 6 hours as keynote, seminar, or workshop)

Use "Power Talking" to Say What You Mean and Get What You Want

Originally published around the world as Power Talking, this topic has spawned derivative books, videos, and audio training programs in many languages. Slight changes in word choices shape the messages we convey, whether intentionally or not.  Word choice profoundly determines how we think and act, and how we are perceived by others.


  • Present a much more upbeat, customer-focused image for your organization. Everybody from executives to receptionists will actively promote stronger relationships with positive language.
  • Build cooperation with internal and external customers. Whether formally negotiating, selling, or simply presenting a proposal, "Power Talkers" effectively encourage "buy-in" when they master this language of success.
  • Boost your self-motivation. Using positive language affects doesn't just affect others; it also shapes your own self-esteem. Audience members leave knowing they can create their own positive attitudes and actions by consciously "editing" what they say to others-and to themselves.


SALES PROGRAM (1 to 6 hours as keynote, seminar, or workshop)

How to Make Prospects Listen, Respond, and Buy - Without Feeling Suckered

We all hate making and receiving old-style cold calls. They're unproductive and annoying, and they sabotage prospective buying relationships right from the start.  Based on George's most recent book, Heat Up Your Cold Calls, this program offers a fresh way to start buying relationships positively.  From creating "perceived affinity groups" to eliminating "phone tag" frustrations, this seminar is all about selling more skillfully.


  • Eliminate the negative stigma that often overshadows prospecting efforts and learn how to eagerly pursue new customers ethically and profitably.
  • Ensure that you stay on the right side of the law and avoid costly liability by knowing how to avoid the legal landmines of old-school selling.
  • Stimulate more profitable customer relationship values by lasering in on the prospects who are most likely to become lifetime buyers.


CUSTOMER SERVICE PROGRAM (1 to 6 hours as keynote, seminar, or workshop)

How to Make Customers Want to Buy from You Forever

The three vital jobs in building profitable customer relationships are normally undertaken in exactly the wrong order of priorities. This program shows why and how it's much more profitable to shore-up and salvage at-risk accounts than to hunt for new ones.


  • Master a simple, surefire system for defusing conflicts, whether they involve customers or colleagues. Transform your most hostile or unhappy customers into your biggest fans using the H-E-A-T formula.
  • Learn inexpensive, constructive techniques for building customer loyalty.
  • Realign your sales resources according to your most leveraged profit opportunities; turn priorities "upside-down" to attain maximum profits.





Travels from :
Main Topics :
Motivation, Communication, Customer Service, Sales, Leadership, Healthcare
Specialties :
Technology, Travel
Fee(s) :
$12,500 - $20,000
Awards :
awarded CSP Certified Speaking Professional® (NSA) awarded CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame® (NSA) member of NSAUS
member of IFFPS