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Patrick Grady
Former educator now encouraging adults & young leaders to believe in themselves & do their best
About Patrick Grady:

Patrick T. Grady is a former educator and past Vice-President of the Tomorrow's America Foundation, Inc. (TAF). TAF is an organization that develops and implements leadership workshops for adults and young leaders. During these week long programs, participants study the principals of motivation, goal setting, group dynamics, communication, free enterprise, belief in self, public speaking, and creative leadership.

He is a former middle school and high school educator who now travels full-time throughout our Nation inspiring and encouraging individuals to do their best in all they attempt.

Patrick has a wonderful wife Rozanne and three incredible children -- the oldest child is Brittani and a set of boy/girl twins, Brandon and Ashley. He has two loving parents, four sisters, two brothers, nine nieces, ten nephews, two in-laws, one dog, and a rabbit.

Who Packs The Parachure ...?
During these upbeat, humorous, and entertaining presentations, Patrick will deal with:

  • Putting humor back into the workplace.
  • Changing "me" attitudes to "we" attitudes.
  • Top quality customer service . . . if we don't provide it . . . someone else will!
  • Being open to positive change.
  • The importance of both self-motivation and motivating others.
  • Building self-esteem within yourself and co-workers.
  • Being of service to others!
  • The value of effective communication among peers and managers/administrators to benefit the entire work environment.

Got Change?
Successful change occurs when people construct a strong foundation of support for new initiatives. Patrick works with organization leaders to build commitment to major changes- and with people who need to get major new initiatives back on track. He will help you identify even the most deeply hidden resistance, overcome it rapidly, and implement even the most difficult strategic and tactical changes. When that do so, organizations can implement even the most difficult strategic and tactical changes.

Sara Lee Corporation and Duke Energy have sought his expertise. Patrick's First book, "Who Packs The Parachute": A Comprehensive Course in Leadership, is a guidebook for successful living while incorporating the tools to overcome the challenges in life.

Patrick helps clients get results from major changes without headaches, cost overruns and hidden problems.

His approach to leading change is unique. Knowing how to work with resistance is the key to turning skepticism and opposition into support for major new initiatives. If leaders understand resistance, they can avoid it before it occurs or get things back on track when change is about to derail the organization.

All Stressed Up And No Place To Go!
The right attitude is everything when it comes to first impressions. Regardless of what industry, occupation or job responsibilities we have , the first impressions we make through our performance, impacts customer service and ultimately determines our failure or success.

Our self-image is directly tied to our performance level; it is our achievement regulator. Explore the power of first impressions, discover the keys to raising self-image and performance, and learn to create the motivational strategies that inspire people to serve.

Achieving balance in life is the ultimate barometer of success. In this hectic age, Patrick teaches his audience to focus their talents and have faith not only in our system, but also in their ability to make the system work for them. Motivation, people management, family life, self-esteem, handling stress, and goal-setting strategies are delivered in a humorous, yet informative style.

This seminar, like all of Patrick's messages, is perfect for meetings where spouses are in attendance.

  • Using humor to reduce stress.
  • Combating burn-out
  • Stress . . . it kills productivity.
  • Encouraging true excellence and peak performance.
  • Creating a new enthusiasm for our careers.
  • The significance of having a positive mental attitude towards those with whom and for whom you work.
  • If you can laugh about it . . . you can live with it!

Leadership Can Be ... Hypno-Larious!
Hypnotize your next audience with Patrick T. Grady’s hilariously funny hypnosis stage show. Imagine the entertainment and laughter provided with a world-class hypnosis presentation.

Make your people the stars of the show. Picture your friends, colleagues, associates, members or participants losing their inhibitions and traveling on a unique adventurous journey through the realms of their imaginations while at the same time providing an unforgettable and entertaining experience for all in attendance.

Patrick’s lightening fast wit, showmanship, and versatility allow him to meet the needs of any audience. Every show is clean and appropriate as well as custom designed for the audience in attendance. Your people will be captivated, amazed and thrilled as volunteers are quickly hypnotized and then put into hilarious situations where they are extraordinarily creative, animated and just plain hysterical.

It’s a show you can’t afford to miss! It’s simply . . . HYPNO-LARIOUS !

Maybe It's Time... To Stop Juggling Elephants?
Jumping from one act to another with little or no meaning to your lineup? Feeling like the other performers in your circus are giving less than their best effort? Walking a tightrope as you struggle to balance the seemingly overwhelming demands and opportunities both in education and in life?

The message from the book, Juggling Elephants? Be the Ringmaster of Your Work and Life, can be delivered as an engaging and entertaining keynote presentation or half-day high impact workshop for educators. These insightful programs are tailored to the specific needs of educators and those working in education.

Juggling Elephants? is a witty and profound parable about one man’s experience with the circus. Applying his insights to the professional and personal “acts” in his life, he quickly finds that he is more productive, less stressed and better able to lead the individuals in his “lineup.” This profound story is creating breakthroughs with individuals & organizations, radically altering the way they focus their two critical resources of time and energy.

Success Without Getting Squashed!
In this engaging and humorous program, educators will learn the key strategies from the book, Juggling Elephants?, so they can become more focused and ultimately more productive in the classroom and in their personal endeavors. Packed with meaningful examples and humor that can only come when we compare our situations to a circus, this presentation is perfect for school year “kickoffs” or anytime you have an hour or less to explore this profound message.

Creating The Performance Of A Lifetime!
As participants in this program, educators will be led through an entertaining and activity-based approach to integrate these strategies into their individual and team roles. The training is highly flexible for both educators and administrative staff and can range from 2-4 hours in length.

Bored Of Education ...
A presentation designed specifically for EDUCATORS. During this upbeat, humorous, and entertaining presentation, Patrick will deal with:

  • Putting humor back in the classroom
  • The importance of both self-motivation and motivating students
  • Creating a new enthusiasm for education
  • The significance of having a positive mental attitude towards those with whom and for whom you work.
  • Building self-esteem within your co-workers and students
  • The value of effective communication among peers and administrators to benefit the entire educational system
  • Motivation/ enthusiasm/ inspiration and communication
  • Building positive self-esteem within yourself and others
  • The necessity of having a positive mental attitude
  • Overcoming adversity and problem solving
  • Goal setting
  • Handling peer pressure
  • Drug/ alcohol abuse
  • Anti-violence
  • Accepting others for who they are

Who Moved My Cheese?
Patrick is a licensed trainer for programming on the best-selling books, "Who Moved My Cheese?" and "Who Moved My Cheese For Teens." This is a simple story of four characters who live in a maze and look for cheese to nourish them and make them happy. In the story, "Cheese" is a metaphor for what you want in life and "The Maze" is where you look for it. This profound story has created breakthroughs with individuals and organizations world, radically altering the way they respond to change.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to get members of your organization excited about change! This program is available in the following formats: Keynotes, Seminars, and longer Training Programs

FEE NOTE Fee range denotes Keynote program choice. Longer formats are available at higher fees.

Travels from :
Main Topics :
Change, Stress, Image/Self-Esteem, Relationships, Education, Humor
Specialties :
Fee(s) :
$3,000 - $5,000
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