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Durwood Fincher
Dubbed Mr. Doubletalk by Candid Camera’s Allen Funt, Durwood is an insightful speaker, linguist and corporate entertainer whose specialty is being The Funniest Thing About American Business for
About Durwood Fincher:

An Unexpected Turn of Events

As seen on The Today Show, The Mike Huckabee Show, Regis and more, Durwood Fincher brings the house down every time while making your clients sparkle as the stars of his show. Durwood's doubletalk magic--a bumbling orchestration of sense and nonsense, buzzwords and gobbled phrases-brings the audience together in surprise, wonder, delight, confusion and then hysterical laughter. The real payoff is in Durwood's interviews (pretaped/edited) with handpicked members of your client's company. Posing as Dr. Robert Payne (a reporter or bureaucrat), Durwood interviews selected attendees in advance, stumping them with incoherent questions while prompting for thoughtful answers. Somehow people manage to respond each and every time. It is hysterical. When the interviews are shown to attendees, the audience is rolling in the aisles, happily caught in the act of being human. Durwood may doubletalk, but he clearly understands how to share the universal language of laughter.

Durwood never fails. He busts open the collective mind of the audience and offers them a wild dose of humor and surprising insights. He has been called Mr. Doubletalk, the Great Imposter, Mr. Confusion, but he is always called back. He leads us to understand we're in this game of life together and it can be great fun; creating a shared experience of hilarity that will be talked about again and again.

About Durwood Fincher

Fincher has been the secret ingredient at hundreds of successful corporate functions, making certified heroes out of meeting planners since 1981. He is on the road an average of 200 days a year. Mr. Fincher has made numerous appearances on The Mike Huckabee Show, The Today Show, Live with Regis.

Durwood Fincher provides an unexpected, refreshing experience for the corporate audience, a hilarious way for them to examine, reexamine and improve communications skills for themselves and others.

As Dr. Robert Payne, he portrays the bad example, the worst-case scenario of contemporary business-speak, using language to mislead. This bumbling, bureaucratic stereotype (familiar to attendees of conferences worldwide) uses mind-numbing language, designed to distort reality, make the bad seem good and the intolerable seem tolerable.

Introduced as Dr. Payne, head of a government agency which is pertinent to your industry, his presentation is salted through and through with your own company's buzzwords, jargon and other familiar references, to further the confusion. This curious-looking executive is passed off as an inside-the-beltway dork.

The audience will first have mixed reactions: settling down for a tedious half hour or so; getting ready to take copious notes; wishing they were somewhere else - anywhere else. But within minutes, Fincher will be having his way with their funny bones.

Following his bogus introduction by your host, 'Dr. Payne' begins his bogus presentation which sounds like he is making sense. But if you listen carefully, it becomes obvious that what he is saying makes no sense whatsoever. Slowly the crowd begins to catch on.

First there is a titter. Then a few laughs. Then lots of laughs.

After the charade of Dr. Payne is exposed, Fincher swings into a fast-paced laugh filled sketch of real-life anecdotes about the funny foibles of people attempting to communicate with one another, against all odds. The audience, always forgiving, can't get enough.

With Durwood Fincher on the program, the people in the audience enjoy themselves and come away refreshed, having learned the message that we all must strive to communicate more concisely and clearly. Your meeting glides on effortlessly, successfully, in an atmosphere cleansed by laughter.

In the comic tradition of Candid Camera,America's Funniest Home Videos and Punked, Mr. Fincher offers the perfect complement to his speech: videotaped interviews of your attendees. They become the stars of the show.

What People Are Saying About Durwood Fincher / Mr. Doubletalk:

"How refreshing to have entertainers that entertain by encouraging and inspiring rather than shocking and insulting!

You were great both times-people loved it! Hope it opens up a whole new world of fans and clients. You are original, funny, and CLEAN! It's the way comedy once was-people laughed because things were actually funny and not because they laughed defensively due to the coarseness."

- Mike Huckabee, The Mike Huckabee Show

"Your presentation was the highlight of the meeting and certainly set the tone we wished to convey."

- D.R.D., Carey International, Inc.

"Words can not describe the impact your performance had on the group... You set a level of expectation that prevailed for the following three days."

- R.J.K. & D.K.S., Conference Co-Chairman, Kimberly-Clark

"You stole the show!!! Thanks, Durwood, for giving our 84th Annual Meeting such an uplifting, positive and hilarious finale!"

- A.L., Meeting Planner and B.D., President, Life Insurers Conference



Travels from :
Main Topics :
Motivation, Humor, Entertainment, Inspirational, Comedian/Comedienne, Bereavement
Specialties :
Associations, Corporate
Fee(s) :
$6,000 - $10,000

Coach Airfare for two. : $800.00

Videography Fee : $750.00

Ground Transportation : $150.00

Meals : $130.00

Multimedia Samples :
Awards :