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Kare Anderson
Quotability expert, Emmy-winner Wall Street Journal reporter
About Kare Anderson:

From scientists to salespeople, thousands have learned to become happier and higher-performing with others by adopting Kare Anderson's life-affirming methods. This once "phobically shy," Emmy-winning TV commentator turned public speaker shows how to communicate to connect. Through Kare you can discover how to become more clear, compelling, collaborative, client-attracting, and quotable.

Kare's the publisher of the international "Say It Better" ezine. She's the author of several books, including Getting What You Want (in 19 languages), Resolving Conflict Sooner, Walk Your Talk: Grow Your Business Faster Through Successful Cross-Promotional Partnerships, and Beauty Inside Out.

She's a trailblazer in media, business, and politics and a former journalist for the Wall Street Journal, Le Monde, UPI, and other newspapers. Kare was Pacific Telesis' first Wideband and Cable Division Director, a co-founder of a national public affairs and advertising firm, and now president of the Say it Better Center. In government, she was a state senator's chief of staff, co-founder of nine political action committees and appointed commissioner. Kare's a frequent strategic communication coach to leaders in business and government.

Kare has a joint MA in Urban Planning from Occidental College and the University of Southern California and a Certificate in Economics for Practicing Journalists from the London School of Economics, and she was a Fellow with the Coro Foundation in Public Affairs.

Her clients are as diverse as Sony, Nomura Securities, National Renewable Energy Labs, Pfizer, Hewlett Packard, and Ringling Brothers. As David Rockefeller Jr. said after hearing Kare speak, "She will forever change how you see yourself and your world."

Become Their Trusted, Top-of-Mind Choice
In a flattening world, dedicated to "the power of us," your most vital new skill is the ability to collaborate with people extremely unlike you - in person and from a distance. Discover how to remain relevant, productive, authentic and sought-after.

Beyond Charisma Programs
Why do we instinctively respect certain people while distrusting others? What creates intuitive liking and disliking? Because our gut instinctual reactions rule our perceptions and decision-making, learn how to say it better next time from an expert on those reactions. Kare Anderson is the only presenter/coach who has spent the past decade translating the latest research of 18 behavioral scientists into specific techniques for becoming a more clear, thoughtful, and compelling communicator.

Create Customer-Attracting Cross-Promotions
Generate more sales while spending less money. Join forces with those who serve your kind of client. Adopt a more efficient marketing method than "solo" advertising, PR, or networking efforts. Discover why all sizes and kinds of businesses are enthusiastically adopting Kare's approach to out-market their competition. From the creator of several cross-promotion campaigns and books, learn 10 proven methods and the swift steps to jump-start your first customer-attracting offer.

Offer the Experiences that Spur Sales
From the first sight to the last smell, give people more reasons to buy on the spot and brag about it. Often the smallest changes in signage or staff behavior spur the biggest profits. Kare has brought these "buying cues" to managers of stores, stadiums, hotels, and hospitals. Leave this session knowing exactly how to conduct an"Exposures Audit" that enables you to increase sales, referrals, and repeat visits.

How Exhibitors Can Bring More Prospects Closer to Buying
30 Tips in 30 Minutes
Show your exhibitors how much you appreciate their participation. Offer this idea-packed session after they've set up their exhibits and when the trade show is not open.

Exhibitors learn how to keep hot prospects involved, even when others dominate conversation, and make their booth, brochures, and staff image complementary, rather than clashing and confusing. They'll hear about three no-fail traffic-builders, actions that ambush or intimidate, clothing patterns that shorten attention, and more. Kare has won rave reviews for this session at over 100 conferences where she's also presented a program for all attendees. Bonus: Offer attendees Kare's hot tip sheet to exhibitors.

Customized Programs
Kare will customize keynotes, speeches, and break out sessions for your company or organization, to make the most out of your meetings and employee gatherings.

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