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Nido Qubein, CSP, CPAE
From a poor immigrant to a self-made millionaire, his solid business background has made him a trusted source of management expertise.
About Nido Qubein, CSP, CPAE:

Dr. Nido Qubein came to the United States as a teenager with little knowledge of English, no contacts and only $50 in his pocket. His life has been an amazing success story. As an educator, he is president of High Point University, an undergraduate and graduate institution with 3,200 students from over 50 countries. He has authored two-dozen books and audio programs distributed worldwide and he is a columnist for several magazines. His foundation provides scholarships to 48 deserving young people each year. To-date the Qubein Foundation has granted more than 600 scholarships, worth over four million dollars. As a business leader, he is chairman of Great Harvest Bread Company with 218 stores in 42 states and serves on the boards of several national organizations including BB&T, a Fortune 500 company with 137 billion-dollars in assets, and the La-Z-Boy Corporation, one of the largest and most recognized furniture brands worldwide. As a professional speaker, Dr. Qubein has received many distinctions. Toastmasters International named him Top Business and Commerce Speaker and awarded him the Golden Gavel Medal. He is the youngest person ever inducted in the International Hall of Fame and is the founder of the prestigious National Speakers Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona. He is in great demand to speak to business and professional groups around the world each year. He has been the recipient of many honors including the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, the Horatio Alger Award for Distinguished Americans, the Order of the Long Leaf Pine (North Carolina's highest civic award), a Doctorate of Laws degree, Sales and Marketing International's Ambassador of Free Enterprise, Citizen of the Year and Philanthropist of the Year in his home city of High Point, North Carolina, induction into the Global Society for Outstanding Business Leadership, and dozens more.


Motivation - From Success to Significance
A powerful and inspiring presentation on focus, balance, and meaning in business and in life. Nido cites major differences between creativity (how can we do this differently) and innovation (how can we do this better). He distinguishes among tasks, goals, and purpose humorously yet persuasively with thoughtful impact.

Leadership - Achieving Peak Performance
Nido will show you how to prepare your employees for high productivity and your company for maximum profitability - how to grow a well trained, educated and motivated team. You can train people to do the mechanical tasks related to your business but you can't train them to seek excellence. Attitude changes through consistent input that appeals to an individual's self-interest and organizational spirit.

Sales - How To Sell, Serve, and Succeed
To sell effectively in today's ever-changing, competitive world, one must master sales skills and behavioral knowledge. Nido teaches both with humor and audience involvement. He focuses on the Law of Identification (when something becomes personal it becomes important). Nido emphasizes: Prospects don't want to buy your product; they want to buy the product of your product.

Positioning - If I wanted To Buy What You Sell, Would I Buy It From You?
Why should people do business with you? How easily can someone else imitate what you do? Do your customers think of you first? Nido shares dynamic principles for personal and corporate achievement. It doesn't matter how much you know or what you can do. What matters is what your customers and colleagues believe and perceive you can do for them... how well they understand and value what you are offering.

Communication - Communicate Like A Pro
Communicating effectively with people inside your company and beyond, is a minimum-requirement skill in our ever-changing global marketplace. Individuals who communicate effectively with people at all levels of both genders and a variety of cultures are today's pacesetters. This presentation is designed to help you develop the communication skills required and to wield them with power and effectiveness.

Additional presentation topics include: Change, Customer Service, Time Management and Personal/Professional Development.

Travels from :
Main Topics :
Communication, Peak Performance, Leadership, Productivity, Success, Sales
Specialties :
Corporate, Sales
Fee(s) :
$30,000 - $45,000
Awards :
awarded CSP Certified Speaking Professional® (NSA) awarded CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame® (NSA) member of NSAUS
member of IFFPS