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Mark Jeffries
Former Merrill Lynch stockbroker Mark Jeffries has become a trusted adviser and communications consultant
About Mark Jeffries:

Former Merrill Lynch stockbroker Mark Jeffries has become a trusted adviser and communications consultant to some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations, agencies, accounting and law firms. He regularly appears as an image and communications expert on network television news, finance and lifestyle programmes.

Dividing his time between The United States, Canada and Europe, Mark is invited to speak at major corporate conventions, conferences and meetings. He is also retained to coach many senior executives, CEOs, MDs, partners and sales teams, from clients across diverse industries and organizations including: Ernst & Young, Motorola, Microsoft, Cognos, KPMG, PWC, Freshfields, IBM, Bank of America, Royal Bank of Canada, United States Congress, Royal Bank of Canada, GSK, Astra Zeneca, BAE Systems and HSBC

Strategic Executive Coaching

Mark specializes in perfecting the content, message and delivery of keynote speeches, major addresses and media appearances. Leading figures in business and politics turn to Mark Jeffries to ensure that their messages are truly heard and that perceptions are positively controlled. Mark is retained by senior political figures from Congressmen in Washington to MPs in London as a key adviser on Presentation and Soft Skills.

At your event

As an economist, former stockbroker and TV host, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the events he speaks at and facilitates.

A true all-rounder Mark is an entertaining and experienced ‘MC’, an incisive and knowledgeable facilitator able to quickly master the intricacies of business within any industry and a popular speaker with a “hugely entertaining” and “immensely practical” keynote presentation entitled “Using Soft Skills to gain the business advantage”.

The Keynote

“Using Soft Skills and communication to win”
Subjects covered in this practical, invaluable and entertaining presentation include:

  • Soft Skills - How to influence others
  • The golden rules of networking
  • Boardroom etiquette
  • Making more powerful and effective presentations and pitches
  • How to plant the seed of an idea
  • Reading other people
  • Techniquette—the etiquette of technology
  • How to alter the way others perceive you
  • Understanding your image
  • The secret messages you really convey

Who is it for?

This presentation is truly universal and has already proven a big hit with Senior Executives, New York and Tokyo lawyers, accountants, marketing and sales teams, Audit consultants, Advertising executives, IT users, pharmaceutical sales teams and politicians.

As Mark will create an independent and unique presentation from his core keynote for every different client, you can guarantee a session that will feel absolutely dedicated to your people, targets and objectives.

Testimonials - Mark Jeffries

Mark’s keynote focused the minds of our people and got them thinking more about their interactions with others both internally and externally. The importance of the tiny differentiators was a welcome angle and we were very pleased at how our people responded to this key messaging. Mark has an impressive talent for truly capturing an audience. A valuable and entertaining session.

Alison Masters, Director, Marketing Communications, Microsoft

A thoroughly entertaining and hugely practical presentation. Mark’s impressive ability to take a group of financiers through his range of communication and soft skills thinking in such a professional, captivating and relevant style exceeded all of our expectations. We will find it hard to beat the impact and value of this session at next year’s event.

Brian May, CFO, Bunzl

In front of our multi-national audience of more than 2,000 people, Mark Jeffries displayed a rare ability to connect with everyone, and to deliver some truly valuable tips on smart business skills and Networking, in an entertaining and engaging way.

Jane Baird, Cognos

Mark’s ability to understand our business and incorporate that into his keynote made for an excellent session. All of our people were talking about it afterwards and the time with Mark has truly helped to focus our people on the importance of Image, presentation and soft skills and using those skills to grow our business and client relationships.

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