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Main Topics :
Generation Differences
Generational Issues
Performance Improvement
Personal Development
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Speaker Iamge Lisa Orrell

About Lisa Orrell :

All of Lisa’s topics share ONE common goal: Making the Workplace More Productive…One Generation at a Time!

Lisa Orrell, CPC, is globally recognized as “The Generations Relations & Leadership Expert”, and she’s the award-winning author of FOUR business books currently on Amazon: Millennials IncorporatedMillennials into Leadership; and Boomers into Business. Her 5-star rated fourth book, Your Employee Brand is in Your Hands, was recently named a finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s 17th Annual Book Awards competition (in both the Careers AND Leadership book categories).

As a respected expert, Lisa is an in-demand Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and Thought Leader hired by many well-known organizations and professional associations. A sample of her client list includes: Wells Fargo, Johnson & Johnson, Intuit, Chico’s, Pepsi, Applied Materials, Paul Mitchell The School (100+ locations nationally), eBay, PayPal, Cisco, USC’s Marshall School of Business, Blue Cross/BlueShield, PBWC, NCHRA, SBODN, and Monster.com.

She was recently even hired by the Brunei Government to be a featured speaker in their country at a Millennial Leadership Conference!  The Brunei Gov’t hired Lisa to speak in Brunei at their first-ever Millennial Leadership Conference in Nov/2014. Over 300 Millennials attended Lisa’s keynote presentation on Personal Branding for Career Success!

Aside from Lisa’s fun, candid, motivating, and engaging presentation style, audiences enjoy her interesting content and perspectives on leadership, communication, employee engagement, and Personal Branding…with the unique “twist” of how generational dynamics greatly impact relationships in today’s workforce.

She offers a variety of popular keynotes and workshops that: Improve generations relations at work; educate Leadership Teams on workforce trends; improve the recruitment, management and retention of Millennial (aka: Gen Y) Talent; and that educate Millennial employees and college students on how to be effective young leaders in the workforce. She also conducts Personal Branding workshops for employees to support their career growth and leadership development (with audiences often ranging in age from 21 – 60+ years old).

In addition to speaking, consulting, and being an author, Lisa is a Certified Leadership Coach who primarily works with Millennial and Gen X employees, entering or currently in, a leadership role at work. She received her Leadership Coach Certification through an intensive training program accredited by the International Coach Federation.

Prior to her current career, Lisa owned a full-service Marketing Agency in the San Francisco Bay Area for 20-years, and her company received over 75 national and international awards for Marketing & Branding excellence. Lisa remains a Marketing & Branding Consultant today for select clients, and in 2013 AND 2014 was voted one of the “Top 30 Most Influential Branding Gurus in the World” by over 22,000 industry professionals. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising with a Minor in Marketing from San Jose State University. 

Based on her expertise and notoriety, Lisa has been interviewed by, or written articles for, countless media and research firms, including (partial list): ABC, NPR, MSNBC, CBS, The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME, Cosmo, U.S. News & World Report, Human Resource Executive, The Business Journals(throughout the U.S.), Recruitment & Retention, Universum’s Trainee Guides for Norway, Sweden and Denmark, China’s HerWorld Magazine, Diversity Business, HR.com, FoxBusiness.com, BNET.com, Monster.com, and CareerBuilder.com.



Speech Titles :

NOTE: Lisa is also a popular Event Host, Panel Moderator, Facilitator, and Session Speaker.


Keynotes: Many of Lisa’s keynote speeches are also available as 2-3 hour workshops.

Your Personal Brand is in Your Hands: eBay alone has hired Lisa to conduct this over 25 TIMES! Why? Because it inspires & motivates employees from all generations, at all levels, to be more accountable and improve their leadership skills by focusing on their Personal Brand at work. There’s NO downside to having employees willing to work on themselves, and their leadership style, to create a more positive Personal Brand and productive workplace. Not only a popular keynote, but this is also an in-demand 3-hour workshop! 

Improving Communications across the Generations: This popular presentation is ideal for a multigenerational audience: Boomers, Generation Jones, Gen X and Millennials. Audience members learn what makes the different generations at work “tick” and how this can improve communication, team-building, retention, and workplace productivity!

Get a Grip on Gen Y: How to Recruit, Manage, Motivate & Retain Our New (Unique) Generation at Work: This presentation is targeted at front-line Managers and Executives who are responsible for recruiting, managing and/or retaining young professionals at work. Not only will attendees learn who these young professionals “really” are and what they expect from their employers, but it’s also filled with management, motivation, and retention tips all Employers need to know in order to improve productivity. 


The Millennial Get a Grip on Leadership Boot Camp: This is ideal for the new generation of young professionals at YOUR organization. If your company employs Millennials ranging in age from 20-28, contact Lisa about this one-of-a-kind workshop. It’s info-packed, fun, and created to get your Millennials in a “leadership mindset” to be more productive!

This unique half-day program teaches them best practices in: Business etiquette; leadership; management; communication; creative thinking; Personal Branding; and more. Lisa focuses on everything they typically don’t teach students in college…but should!



Your Personal Brand is in Your Hands (Student Version): This is a modified version specifically for college students. Lisa emphasizes accountability and the importance of adopting a leadership mindset NOW, and how to develop a Personal Brand for career success. Students also learn how focusing on their Personal Brands now will help them: Find the right job; determine the type of boss they’ll be happy with; and choose a company culture that will best for with their Personal Brand. 


Managing Millennial Mayhem in Today’s Classroom: Many Educators and Faculty are as challenged in the classroom by this new generation of students as Managers are with them in corporate environments! Therefore, this unique presentation is designed to help Educators and Faculty better understand, communicate with, and educate their Millennial Students. Lisa also shares insights and challenges that students themselves share with her. The ultimate goal is to improve the student/faculty dynamics in today’s classroom’s so that it’s more productive for everyone!

Books by Lisa Orrell :
Millennials Into Leadership: The Ultimate Guide for Gen Y's Aspiring to Be Effective, Respected, You
Book Image
Are YOU Prepared To Be An Effective Young Leader?
Hey Millennials! Your time has come! Your generation is now entering leadership roles in the workforce (and, yes, an entry-level position is a leadership role!). Plus, the current generation and population trends are, and will be, requiring many organizations to move your generation into leadership roles sooner than generations before you did. That's great news for your career growth, but are you ready to assume a leadership role at work...and do it effectively? Regardless of your current position, even if you're still in school, the time to start developing your leadership mindset is NOW - and MILLENNIALS INTO LEADERSHIP explains how!
Your Employee Brand is in Your Hands
Book Image
Whether You're a Seasoned Professional in the Workforce or a College Student, Read This Book if You Care About YOUR Career Success! Highly successful executives unanimously agree that a key component for achieving extreme career success is to create, manage, and promote your own Personal Leadership Brand at work and within your industry...and it's never too soon or too late to start! But how do you create one to stand out? And what does Personal Branding even mean? Lisa knows! She is hired by well-known global organizations to conduct workshops about this for employees of all ages. And it's based on the popularity of this hot topic that Lisa wrote this important book. So if you're ready to separate yourself from "the crowd," and reach the level of career success you've always dreamt about, her book will help YOU! You'll Learn How to: • Create a Unique Personal Leadership Brand • Determine Your Leadership Style for Success • Get More Respect from Your Boss, Co-Workers, and Employees • Attract the Attention of Execs Above You • Be Your Own Publicist at Work • Gain More Notoriety in Your Industry • Excel Beyond What You Knew Possible!
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