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Speaker Iamge Ronda Rich

About Ronda Rich :

Ronda Rich is the best-selling author of What Southern Women Know (That Every Woman Should), a book that is now in its 27th printing, after being bought by a major New York publishing company during a four-day auction.

“Scarlett O’Hara couldn’t have said it better,” declared the Atlanta Journal Constitution about What Southern Women Know.

“Engagingly makes her case with hilarious anecdotes about Dixie Chicks who have succeeded in life and love by applying their Steel Magnolia principles,” raved People.

That book launched a new career for the former award-winning sports writer, who has now become a popular Southern sage, dispensing musings and observations in her weekly, syndicated newspaper column and speaking at over 100 events each year as a humorous and inspirational speaker. She is also a commentator on Southern life for Georgia Public Broadcasting.

In 2002, HarperCollins released a memoir of her years in NASCAR racing as a journalist and publicist. My Life In The Pits became a favorite among readers and critics including renowned broadcaster Paul Harvey who called it a “great read” and the New York Times who called it “one of the greatest sports books ever written”.

Continuing her successful streak as a writer of Southern stories, her most recent books, What Southern Women Know About Flirting and The Town That Came A-Courtin’, Ronda’s critically-acclaimed first novel, were both released by Penguin-Putnam together, marking the first time in history that an author has released two books on the same day. The Town That Came A-Courtin’ has recently been courted by Hollywood and optioned for a movie.

In the Spring, 2009, Zondervan, a division of HarperCollins, will released the highly anticipated What Southern Women Know About Faith, a heart-tugging and lyrical look at how the South’s women have defined the region through their steadfast beliefs and faith.

She has appeared on dozens of television shows including The View, The Other Half, Best Damn Sports Show, CNN and appeared in many magazines including Cosmopolitan, Redbook and Woman’s Own.


Speech Titles :

It's More Than The Drawl, Y'all
(Hilarious Tales of Southern Womanhood. Overwhelmingly popular, this topic is pure entertainment.)

Laughter In The Fast Lane
(Stories from the NASCAR circuit. Good for mixed groups and male audiences.)

Finding Your Dream When Everyone Thinks It's Impossible
(Inspiring, funny stories about others who have succeeded against the odds)

Moments Of Kindness
(How lives can be changed by one moment in time. Good for non-profits, young people and graduations.)

The Next Best Thing To Winning Is Losing Because You're Playing The Game
(Drawing on her NASCAR and sports reporting experience, Ronda inspires and amuses with this presentation. Especially great for male audiences.)

Books by Ronda Rich :
The Town That Came A-Courtin'
Book Image
Folks around Dexter, Georgia, where Abby Houston grew up, say the obituary-writer-turned-worldwide-bestselling-author is the luckiest woman alive. How else to explain all her good fortune? Her mama, though, has a different take: "Lucky in life," she says, "means unlucky in love." 

Her mama must be right, because Abby's been getting her heart broken since the sixth grade. But ever since she crossed into Bliss, Mississippi, a heavenly warm feeling has washed right over her. Abby's used to making up quirky, charming characters in her books, but here in Bliss it almost seems like those characters have sprung to life-and Abby is fantasizing about moving right in. And the love affair is mutual. Because the townspeople have set their matchmaking minds in motion, and they aren't about to let Abby leave without a little love in her heart.
What Southern Women Know (That Every Woman Should)
Book Image
A Southern Belle Primer meets The Rules in this engaging volume that explains the mystique of Southern women and why they always get what they want, and shows women how to get the same kind of romantic, professional, and personal success.
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