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Speaker Iamge Gary Moore

About Gary Moore :

Gary W. Moore is a dynamic speaker, award winning author, business leader and musician. Winner of the prestigious Sam Walton Leadership Award and author of the critically acclaimed book, Playing with the Enemy, 2006 Military Writers Society of America Book of the Year, Gary has a unique and motivational communication style that is perfect for any event!

Paying his way through college selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door, Gary learned the value of proactively and systematically going after what he wanted in life and doing things others are not willing to do in order to achieve what others do not achieve. This experience has served him well and given him an edge as an entrepreneur and business leader. He now dedicates his life to passing that experience on and helping others achieve their dreams.

Gary has been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Selling Power Magazine, Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, Impromptu Magazine Cranes Business and Southwest Airlines' Spirit Magazine. Gary has also appeared on CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS.

With his hit book, Playing with the Enemy, Gary Moore took a personal‚ family revelation and truly hit it out of the park. Playing with the Enemy is inspiring a new generation to turn their defeats and set-backs into victory. Not only is a major motion picture based on the book in the works‚ but Gary's son‚ actor Toby‚ has been cast to play the role of his grandfather. Gary is also a contributing author to the acclaimed Chicken Soup for the Soul series and is featured in Chicken Soup for the Father & Son Soul.


Books by Gary Moore :
Playing with the Enemy
Book Image
In 1940, at just 15 years old, small-town baseball star Gene Moore was signed to the Brooklyn Dodgers, who saw in him the potential to become one of the great catchers of all time. Before that could happen, though, WWII intervened. Gene's story, a surprising paean to the power and humanity of a game, is told here by his son, a first-time author who exhibits the confidence and pacing of a pro. His gripping material certainly helps: after several years overseas in the Navy's touring baseball team, Gene was brought back to Louisiana and assigned to guard secret German POWs, whose U-boat was captured just days before the storming of Normandy. There, Gene teaches his German captives how to play baseball, with a number of unintended and life-altering consequences. When Gene's finally able to return home to Sesser, Ill., he's "on crutches, depressed and embarrassed," holing up in the local bar and prompting one bartender to lament, "he's become one of us, when we were hoping he would make us like him." Gene's journey from promise to despair and back again, set against a long war and an even longer post-war recovery, retains every bit of its vitality and relevance, a 20th-century epic that demonstrates how, sometimes, letting go of a dream is the only way to discover one's great fortune.
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