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Time Management/Self-Management
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Speaker Iamge Dave Weber

About Dave Weber :

Dave Weber is an internationally recognized speaker, with a track record of success.

He is an honors graduate from Mercer University with a BA in Communications. He simultaneously captained the university’s NCAA Division I soccer and volleyball teams for three years and received all-conference honors in both sports.

As a sales representative for Motorola, Dave received over fifteen outstanding sales awards, including the prestigious "Top 10" award each year. He started his own speaking and training firm in 1987. and his high energy and fun, entertaining style quickly made him a highly sought after speaker.

Dave has conducted training programs for thousands of people in organizations that include Delta Airlines, IBM, FedEx, Chick-fil-A, Cintas, AT&T, Nike, Coca Cola and many, many more.

In addition to motivational and keynote presentations, Dave conducts workshops on the following topics:

·Time Management and Personal Productivity
·Conflict Resolution
·Stress Management
·Effective Listening
·Managing the Dynamics of Change
·Team Building, Self-Esteem
·Husband/Wife Seminars
·Life Planning and more

Speech Titles :

How To Kiss Frogs Without Getting Warts On Your Lips 
(Communication, Collaboration, Teamwork) 
This presentation is well suited for a number of situations. It is most frequently used in the areas of team building or communication. When positioning Frog Kissing for team building, the goal is to teach participants the skills necessary for creating an atmosphere in which participants want to excel and do their best. The power and influence of our words towards colleagues, co-workers, and team members has an incredibly dramatic impact on the type of atmosphere we create.

Frog Kissing is funny, using humor to communicate very serious principles for building and maintaining strong, healthy relationships at home, in the workplace or everywhere we go.

Frog Kissing deals specifically with "how we communicate with one another" as well as "how our words and actions build up or tear down relationships". As a result of those words, we either build bridges or barriers. 
It is a "serious presentation cleverly hidden inside a seemingly stand-up comedy routine." It will far exceed your expectations as an enjoyable training experience. 
This presentation can be conducted from 2- hours to a full day. It is best conducted during a half-day session. Frog Kissing has just as much practical application at the kitchen table as it does at the conference table.

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