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Mike Frank
Speaker Image Over 3,000 previous speeches. Former award winning salesman & sales manager. One of America's most versatile, credible and experienced speakers.

Emory Austin
Speaker Image Internationally sought-after expert and speaker with "a brand new way to deliver a message."

Michael Broome
Speaker Image A very powerful message from a very humorous man

Les Brown
Speaker Image Award winning speaker, author of "Live Your Dreams," "It's Not Over Until You Win," and "Up Thoughts for Down Times" will electrify and motivate audiences to live in their greatness.

Danny Cox
Speaker Image A former supersonic fighter pilot specializes in breaking barriers in leadership and personal high performance in his high content, high humor keynotes and seminars.

Rita Davenport
Speaker Image Nationally known time management expert

Dave Gorden
Speaker Image Dave Gorden works with organizations who want to provide exceptional service.

Ralph Hood
Speaker Image A multi-dimensional individual, Ralph Hood is an author, speaker, humorist, teacher, commercial pilot, salesman and motivator. His speech, "It's Clear on Top," draws from his many years as a pilot and teacher of aviation. Ralph compares flying an airplane "On Top" of weather to living and working "On Top" of life's problems. His speeches provide nonstop explosive laughter. His seminar, "Morale, Motivation and the Real World," provides tools - hard working tools - that can be put to work tomorrow in the real world. Ralph Hood is a Certified Speaking Professional as designated by the National Speakers Association. Of 3,500 current members, fewer than 200 speakers have received this designation. A real professional, Ralph does whatever it takes to make your group delighted with you and your meeting. Fasten your seat belts, settle back and enjoy the ride as Ralph Hood takes you for a trip "On Top" in his unique, humorous style.

Carl Hurley
Speaker Image Motivational humorist and entertainer who has earned the title "America's Funniest Professor".

Dale Irvin
Speaker Image The world's only Professional Summarizer

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