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The Confidence Code has fueled great interest in Katty Kay for conferences focusing on women’s issues. Meanwhile, interest in Katty as a speaker on U.S. and global politics remains equally strong. Recently, Katty traveled to Romania with U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel who was there to show support for European allies and visit U.S. military personnel amid tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

Donna Brazile
Political Commentator and Chair of the Voting Rights Institute ...More>>
Gerald Coffee
One of the longest held P.O.W.s in the Communist Prisons of Vietnam ...More>>
Lisa Stimmer

Certified Natural Gourmet Chef
Manager of Choice  -  Nancy   Ahlrichs
When top-performing employees leave a job, they're often quitting their manager rather than their position or their company. In this book, copublished with the Society for Human Resource Management, Nancy Ahlrichs charts unexplored territory as she explains how to become a "manager of choice" in a business environment in which managing human capital is the new imperative. Employers of choice have set the standard for superior work environments ...More>>